Aug 01, 2023

Audio memoirs: The ultimate keepsake

Bertie (pictured) was able to capture her life highlights from living and travelling overseas in the 1950s and the surprise arrival of twins. [Source: Supplied]

There is no question we can learn a lot from our older loved ones – from their life experiences, lessons and words of wisdom. This is why it is important to immortalise the lives of older people through their stories for future generations when they are no longer with us. 

Heath Piper, Founder of Playback Interviews, knows firsthand the importance of capturing these precious stories and conversations after showing his son a picture of his grandfather.

“[My son] asked ‘who is that?’ My Pa has passed away and I wish I had something of note to show my son. A story, a video, but I didn’t have anything,” explained the former broadcaster.

Playback Interviews offers the modern-day memoir in audio-art form, seizing the life story of a loved one for generations to listen to on playback.

Heath Piper - interview shot (1)
Heath Piper conducting an interview for an audio memoir. [Source: Supplied]

Bertie, 90, said she had fun and felt at ease documenting her life with Mr Piper. The interview was able to capture some of the highlights from Bertie’s life including the years she spent living and travelling overseas in the early 1950s and the surprise arrival of twins when she was only expecting one baby. 

“The response of all seven grandchildren was that they laughed and they cried and have replayed the interview many times over,” she said. 

Mr Piper said audio memoirs provide families with an opportunity for reflection and understanding in order to gain insight into our loved one’s experiences, wisdom, and perspectives on life – helping us to navigate our own lives and make informed decisions based on the lessons they have learned.

“Playback Interview helps bring families closer by creating a platform for open and authentic communication,” he added.

“Often, there can be barriers that prevent meaningful conversations between family members, particularly between older and younger generations.”

Playback Interviews can help destroy stereotypes and misconceptions about ageing and promote mutual respect and appreciation while equally preserving cultural and historical heritage.

To find out more about Playback Interviews, visit their website

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