May 10, 2017

Uniting Calendar Girls

Move over firefighters and cute fluffy puppies. A bunch of brave ladies from a Central Coast nursing home have bared all for a calendar fundraiser.

Following in the footsteps of actors Helen Mirren and Julie Walters (stars of the film Calendar Girls), the 18 female residents of Uniting Starrett Lodge in Hamlyn Terrace, aged between 78 and 94, stripped off for their own Calendar Girls photo shoot.

The project, which has the women in a series of fun poses – such as modestly posing behind a copy of The Senior, pruning a hedge, knitting and having a bubble bath – was the brainchild of activities officer Vicki Sanchez.

Ms Sanchez said photographs reflected the women’s everyday activities.

Sheila Brine, pictured reading The Senior, said the photo shoot was a chance to “go out in a blaze of glory” and she loved every moment of it.

“I can’t believe at 82 I’m a calendar girl. My grandson is in the fire brigade and he said he’s going to hang the calendar at his fire station!”

Christine Robert, photographed with Mrs Brine, was initially a little shy about the whole affair. “I’ve never done anything like it before and I can’t believe all the attention it’s been getting,” she said.

Funds from calendar sales will go towards the Starrett Lodge bucket list project, which gives residents an opportunity to tick off something off their list.

“We have already raised about $1500 and we’re still discussing our next adventure,” Ms Sanchez said. “Maybe next time it will be an all-male calendar!”

Before the shoot with Ms Sanchez’s daughter-in-law and professional photographer Trudi Sanchez, the ladies were pampered and given a hair and make-up treatment.

To order a calendar, which are going for $15 each, phone  (02) 4393-8800

This article was originally published on Uniting’s blog

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