Jul 04, 2017

Reliving History – Bayside local Ruth speaks of Teaching, Travel, Hitchhiking and Writing

When we walked into the home of Prestige Inhome Care client Ruth to hear of her experiences and learn of her story, we were immediately met with a warm and generous smile as she sat within the comforts of her lounge room.

“I love stories,” Ruth said. “Other people’s stories.” It was the beginning of a fascinating chat into what has been a long history of travel, adventure, family and writing. And of course, Tennis.

Known in the local Beaumaris community for playing Tennis until she was 80, Ruth tells us a story of her beginnings, living on a farm and travelling far distances to school.

It was possibly this adventure at an early age that lead Ruth to teaching, both in Australia as well as in the UK, where Ruth travelled extensively with locals to see the region but also hear their stories and experience the UK they lived in.

With birds chirping in Ruth’s much loved and tended to garden, Ruth tells us of her aspirations to be a writer, admitting that she had some of her work published with regard to her love of gardening.

The love can be seen throughout the garden, with varieties and species that have clearly thrived through years of care and attention.

This article was originally publish on Prestige Inhome Care’s website

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