Best of 2019: The why for aged care worker

There is a level of trust required when caring for an elderly person. This year we spoke with aged care workers to find out why they love working in aged care and how they continue to grow and improve their skills.

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  1. Alot work in the aged care sector for the right reasons mainly mature women with excellent people skills and an understanding of our elderly citizens with a growing family or grown up children. Most of these women are looking for work that will assist in paying their Bill’s and lifestyle needs and have a need to assist in caring for the most vulnerable in our community. Well it can be a bit of an eye opener when you get the employment. Reality check aside if you can stick it out long enough you will.find your niche and the roster you want eventually. Be patient. Remember you aren’t going to get rich working in this field of employment nor are the RNs there to get rich. It is just the way it is. If you don’t like it please leave. We don’t have time to train you up only to watch you leave disappointed and disillusioned. If you get frustrated by the unpronounceable names of the staff don’t give up. Find someone you can trust to guide you as most of the staff like to see you fall flat on your face. Not only is the medical and nursing world becoming over ridden with foureigners they stick together like glue and most won’t even bother with you outside of the work place let alone in it. It has become a Little Asia. A little India. A little Nepal.ALittle Africa. Etc. They snub the noses at white anglos because they know we have become lazy and complacent with our education and work choices while they grab every chance they can get to become residents here. Watch out guys we are already heading backwards in so many ways. This country and it’s leaders are not loyal to our past diggers and Aussies in general. They are slowly turning us into the very problems we see in other over populated countries with very different backgrounds and connections to us Australians. Pay peanuts. Well you know the rest. Cheap labour is going to mean a lack of real care.

  2. Taking care of Elders is really an important role to do. They feel loved by giving them full attention or by being attentive to their their needs.
    So building an aged care center would probably be more on focusing to elders, being attentive to their needs and giving them more time by answering or talking to them frequently.
    Second priority would be the system- by doing the following mentioned priorities- the system would probably be the second priority, a center that aims to provide good assistance needs a system that is user friendly, the ease of use of the system would be a great help in focusing on what is more important. is known as a platform designed for Aged care, Senior care, Assisted living, Aged Daycare facilities and centers that is very user-friendly and helps connect with family members.


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