May 27, 2021

Breaking: “COVID variant moving fast in Victoria … this thing is getting away from us”


In a press conference this morning, Victoria’s Acting Premier James Merlino could not stress enough the importance of everyone getting vaccinated as a priority and a matter of urgency, following the confirmed number of COVID cases increasing to a total of 26, with 11 new cases recorded overnight.

One of the recorded cases has been admitted to intensive care in hospital and is on a ventilator.

The Acting Premier confirmed contact tracers had identified 10,000 primary and secondary contacts linked to the latest, fast-moving outbreak in Victoria.

The state’s circuit-breaker lockdown will be in place until midnight on June 3.

Merlino outlined the strict reasons Victorians are allowed to leave home during the 7-day circuit-breaker lockdown.

5 reasons to leave your house: 

  • Shopping for food and supplies (within 5km)
  • Authorised work
  • Exercise – 2-hour limit – with one other person
  • Caregiver compassionate reasons
  • To get vaccinated


Masks must be warn indoors and outdoors, and no visitors are permitted to your home other than intimate partners.

Restaurants, pubs, cafes will revert to takeaway only.

Childcare and kindergartens will remain open, whilst schools will revert to remote learning.

Furthermore, there will be no visitors allowed in aged care homes, and no weddings will be permitted.

During the press conference, Merlino said the virus was spreading at an alarming rate, prompting the decision to enforce a snap lockdown.

“In the last day, we’ve seen more evidence that we’re dealing with a highly infectious strain of the virus, a variant of concern which is running faster than we have ever recorded,” the Acting Premier said.

“The time between catching the virus and passing it on is tighter than ever, so for some of those cases I’ve mentioned … the serial interval, that is, how long it takes between the onset of symptoms in the first and secondary case, is averaging just over a day.

“So unless something drastic happens, this will become increasingly uncontrollable.”

Merlino confirmed that over-40s can now be vaccinated, with the Pfizer vaccine being offered to 40- to 49-year-olds, while those over 50 will still be offered the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Health Minister stressed everyone to make it a top priority at the press conference.

“If you are eligible to get vaccinated, make yourself a plan to do that today to get it done,” stated Health Minister Martin Foley.

To find out where a vaccination centre is near you, visit:

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  1. Stop Government’s discrimination against over 50’s !
    We live in a democratic country!
    Give us OUR choice of which vaccination we want .
    Then and only then will I get vaccinated- I am 65 years old .

  2. The failure to vaccinate all staff and residents of Victorian Aged Care Facilities is a disgrace.

    It is a potentially deadly reminder of the inertia, incompetence and lack of common sense displayed by the leaders of Aged Care regulatory authorities.

    The Australian Government can give away billions in Job Keeper payments to companies that are profitable, but it cannot find the time to vaccinate Aged Care residents. Disgraceful.


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