Jun 02, 2021

BREAKING: Second resident tests positive to COVID-19 at aged care home

Elderly woman looking out window

On Monday, another resident tested positive, as well as the worker’s son and a second worker at the home.

Arcare Maidstone has been in lockdown since Saturday.

The second worker had also worked at BlueCross Western Gardens, sending that home into lockdown too.

It’s not known how the first aged care worker contracted the virus, and it is being treated as a “mystery case”, but genomic testing has revealed it is the same strain of the virus as the broader Melbourne outbreak.

The new case is believed to be a 95-year-old man.

“The resident is asymptomatic and arrangements are being made to transfer the resident out of the facility,” said Aged Care Services Minister Richard Colbeck said during Senate estimates on Wednesday.

“He initially returned an inconclusive result before testing negative yesterday.

“He tested positive today.

“The man has had both doses of the vaccine.”

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