Aug 18, 2022

Bubble-chasing toddler finds ​​missing elderly woman

Bubble-chasing toddler finds ​​missing elderly woman

An American toddler has managed to find an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s, who had been missing for days, whilst chasing bubbles.

Last week, one-and-a-half-year-old Ethan had been playing outside in his backyard with his mother, Brittany Moore, in Atlanta, America, when he stumbled across 83-year-old Nina Lipscomb.

Ms Lipscomb had been missing for four days and is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, she was experiencing disorientation when she was found.

Ethan’s mother told CNN, “I went over there and was like, ‘What do you see buddy?’ and he pointed and said, ‘Feet’.

“‘Okay, buddy can you say that again? What did you say?’ And he said, ‘Feet.'”

Ms Moore crouched down to her son’s level to see what he was pointing at, because the trees over the fence were overgrown and she wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

“If you get on his level and look through, you can see some of the broken sticks and that’s where she was laying,” Ms Moore said.

“I didn’t know if I needed to go into fight or flight because I had my little boy out here and the other inside.”

Ms Moore called emergency services, who quickly realised it was the missing 83-year-old.

Law enforcement and community members had been searching for Ms Lipscomb ever since she went missing.

Authorities were using special thermal technology to try to find the missing senior, but the search was unsuccessful over the four days.

Ethan managed to find Ms Lipscomb a quarter of a mile away from where she was last seen when reported missing.

Ms Lipscomb’s daughter, Karen, said her mother had left the house to look for her sister, however, Ms Lipscomb’s sister had passed away in March of this year.

After Ms Lipscomb had been checked out of hospital she was able to meet with Ethan, who her family believed saved her life.

Karen thanked Ethan for his assistance and gave him a bag of toy bubbles to show the family’s appreciation. The family also offered a monetary reward to the Moore family, which they declined.

The families believe they will be forever connected, all thanks to a boy chasing bubbles.

Ms Moore said, “I truly think this was something outside of what any human could do. It took a child who was being worked by God. We will always teach him what he did, how he played an impact in it.”

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