May 05, 2023

Cafe staff gift loyal older patron with his own meal

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John has been a regular at his local cafe for years. [Source: Instagram]

It’s the small things in life that often bring the most joy and the proof was in the black pudding for older Irishman, John.

On most mornings, John (pictured) gets his usual big English fry-up at the Grangecon Kitchen in Wicklow, Ireland and has done so for many years.

After hundreds of orders and developing a close relationship, the staff thought his cafe staple deserved to be named after him. 

Grangecon Kitchen staff shared a video on their Instagram documenting John’s first encounter with the name change. 

Staff pointed out the change and to John’s delight, he could order ‘John’s Breakfast’ straight off the menu.

Watch the video here.

Have you made someone’s day with a small gesture? Let us know!

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