Aug 16, 2021

Campaign to attract staff to aged care features lived experiences of older people and their carers

Campaign to attract staff to aged care features lived experiences of older people and their carers

The government has launched a national campaign using real workers to encourage more people to consider careers in aged care, disability and veterans’ support.

Australia faces a critical shortage of care workers within the next few years, prompting the government to launch the ‘Life Changing Life’ multimedia campaign.

A new website has been created where people can apply for jobs and research pathways into care roles.

The campaign includes a range of television ads which depict real carers with the people they care for. The aged care spot shares interviews with Mandy and Elizabeth.

The two have forged a strong friendship.

“I can’t believe Elizabeth is 90. She’s quick witted. She’s with it,” said Mandy.

“We talk a lot about our lives, the things she’s been through, like World War II. Her stories, her experiences,” says Mandy, becoming emotional as she reflects on how much the two have shared.

“Her husband, her love for her family. You look at her house and there’s hundreds of pictures. She’s lived a life.

Elizabeth laughs cheerfully when asked if she likes being interviewed.

“It’s very scary. I don’t know what you’ll ask next!” she exclaimed.

She and Mandy “hit it off straight away,” Elizabeth said.

“We always laugh. If she’s lucky she gets some cake,” said said, chuckling.

National Disability Insurance Scheme Minister Linda Reynolds said $13.3 million has been committed to the campaign over 12 months.

“We’ve estimated that between aged care, veterans and disability, we need at least another 130,000 to 150,000 workers over the next few years,” she told the ABC.

Reynolds said the campaign will also dispel myths that support work is not well paid.

As the interview between Elizabeth and Mandy draws to a close, Elizabeth’s irrepressible spirit emerges once again.

“I haven’t broken any lenses”, she joked to the camera operator.

A campaign not only highlighting the possibilities in care roles, but also challenging the notions we have about older people.

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