Jun 16, 2022

Man charged with defrauding his own mother of more than $1 million dollars

Man charged with defrauding his own mother of more than $1 million dollars

A 64-year-old Melbourne man has been charged with defrauding his ill mother of over $1 million over a four-year period.

Police allege that the man’s 83-year-old mother did not have the mental capacity to grant permission to her son who transferred $1.14 million from his mother’s account into his own bank account in a period spanning from 2014 to 2018.

It has been reported that the 83-year-old victim lives in Queensland and that her son used her debit card to make over $150,000 in unauthorised transactions that left the elderly woman’s bank account almost empty.

Police also say that the victim’s son did not hold power of attorney and had no legal right to access his mother’s money.

Detectives from the Financial and Cyber Crime Group and Crime and Intelligence Command began investigating the accused after they received a complaint from the Public Trustee on behalf of the victim.

The 64-year-old man was charged with one count of fraud greater than $100,000 last week when Queensland detectives flew to Melbourne and executed a search warrant on the Elwood man’s home address.

Detective Superintendent Lance Vercoe, from the Financial and Cyber Crime Group, told news.com.au that allegations of elder abuse were “disturbing” and urged people to stay vigilant of the signs.

 “In all of my 42 years of policing, I find these types of offences the most gut-wrenching and disturbing, that someone could treat their loved ones this way,” he said.

“I would recommend that the elderly and vulnerable never feel ashamed and to take control if this behaviour occurs, and always reach out to a support person or friend.”

The accused is due to appear before the Brisbane Magistrates Court on July 4.

If you know someone or are a victim of elder abuse or financial abuse and the matter’s not urgent, contact the elder abuse helpline on 1300 651 192.

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  1. It took the Public Trustees FOUR YEARS to report the crime!
    How could that happen!

    How many times can the Trustees fail before their office is cleaned up!

    By the way, if a nursing home suspects financial abuse of a resident by family members there is no avenue or mechanism that allows them to report.


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