Aug 07, 2023

Celebrating National Aged Care Employee Day

Whiddon Care
To showcase the exceptional work done by the aged care workforce, Whiddon shares heartwarming stories of two of its employees. [Source: Whiddon Care]

August 7th marks a significant day in the aged care industry as it proudly celebrates National Aged Care Employee Day (ACE Day). This special day was initiated by Whiddon, an award-winning not-for-profit care provider, to honour and acknowledge the dedicated and diverse workforce that tirelessly provides quality care to senior Australians.

The inspiration behind ACE Day was the recognition of a gap in existing national days that only highlighted specific segments of the aged care workforce. Whiddon’s vision was to celebrate every employee’s role in delivering holistic care services to elderly Australians.

Amid recent progress in the aged care sector, including a 15 percent pay increase for direct care workers, there remains a concern for ancillary or non-direct care roles. These crucial contributors, such as cooks, housekeeping, cleaners, laundry assistants, maintenance personnel, and administration staff, have been excluded from the federally funded wage increase. Unfortunately, there is still no clarity from the Fair Work Commission on when they may receive a well-deserved pay rise.

In light of ACE Day celebrations, Whiddon’s CEO, Chris Mamarelis, emphasises the need for continuous support for all aged care employees. He expressed, “It’s a special day for the sector, where every single employee working in aged care is acknowledged and recognised for the work they do to deliver quality care to our seniors.” Mamarelis calls for solidarity and appreciation for these dedicated workers who play a vital role in enriching the lives of elderly Australians.

To showcase the exceptional work done by the aged care workforce, Whiddon shares heartwarming stories of two of its employees. One of them is Aaron Young, the Area Head Chef for Central Coast & Far West. Aaron finds immense joy in knowing that his culinary skills positively impact the lives of residents, treating them like family and cherishing the memories they share.

Another inspiring individual is Romina Rios Olivares, the Clinical Care Coordinator at Whiddon Easton Park. Romina, as a direct care worker, has received the recent 15 percent pay rise and believes that working in aged care is a privilege, where each individual’s journey is treated with utmost care and compassion.

While the government’s allocation of $11.3 billion to the sector has led to the much-needed pay rise for direct care workers, ancillary roles, crucial to quality aged care, have been left in limbo without a salary increase. Mamarelis underscores the importance of recognising and rewarding all aged care employees, irrespective of the nature of their roles.

Whiddon firmly believes in a holistic care approach that values the contribution of every aged care worker. On this special occasion, they extend their gratitude to everyone in the aged care industry, acknowledging the positive impact they have on thousands of lives each day. The spirit of ACE Day serves as a reminder that united support for the entire aged care workforce is essential to provide exceptional care to the elderly population.

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