Dec 21, 2021

Children write to 94-year-old woman after her father’s WW1 medals are stolen

Stolen WW1 medal (2)
Photo: West Midlands Police.

The woman was burgled after three men broke into her home. They stole her jewellery and her late father’s World War 1 medals. 

According to West Midlands Police, the woman is still recovering from the shock of being burgled, reported BirminghamLive

Students from St Michael’s Church of England School in Rowley Regis, England, were also shocked and saddened when they heard about the crime, and they decided to do what they could to cheer her up.

Photo: West Midlands Police.

They drew pictures, wrote letters and shared jokes to show her that she wasn’t alone. 

They also made a 3D paper rose and gave her a box of chocolates. 

“We at St Michael’s are sending love, prayers and hope for better days for you and your family. 

“We hope you have a wonderful Christmas period.”

The children gave the letters to Police Community Support Officers Steph King and Garfield Simpson to pass on to the woman. 

West Midlands Police are still investigating the crime. They have checked CCTV footage, spoken to people in the area and are awaiting results of forensic testing. 

Police have been impressed by the youngsters’ generosity and thoughtfulness.

“It was a pleasure to pick up this gift from the wonderful students. It shows that there are people who care,” the police officers wrote on their website.

“We think they’re really kind,” the police said.

Photo: West Midlands Police.

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