Aug 31, 2018

Clifton Views – TLC aged care – Independent review

Are you looking for Aged Care in Fitzroy North?

Maybe this is the one for you.

I was invited to Clifton Views operated by TLC Aged Care for their soft opening the other week and I thought I’d share my experience for those looking for care in this area. The facility in total has 123 beds over 9 levels.

From this week I believe they will be taking in new residents.

The views were truly magnificent from the higher levels overlooking the CBD and surrounding areas. Which definitely was a highlight for me.  There were wrap around verandas, with some really nice little shrubs.

Pricing starts from: $550k to 1.25m depending on view and location of rooms.

They have an option extra $40 per day called the “Gold Privileges” which includes:

  • High quality furniture
  • Luxury king single bed, quality linen
  • Recliner chair
  • Expanded choice of hot meals
  • Choice of beer, wine or soft drinks at main meals
  • Fortnightly pre-dinner cocktails and canapes
  • A pillow menu to ensure optimal comfort
  • A welcome gift on arrival
  • Complimentary wash & blow dry
  • Complimentary labelling of clothes
  • Complimentary in-room access to the Foxtel Standard Aged Care Package
  • Monthly training session with physio
  • Wifi access for two visitors
  • A third membership to TLC healthcare rewards

And an option extra of “Silver Privileges” $20 per day which includes:

  • A pillow menu
  • A welcome gift
  • Complimentary labelling of clothes
  • Complimentary in-room access to the Foxtel Standard Aged Care Package
  • Monthly wifi access for two visitors

Let me provide you with a run down on what each of the different levels offer-

Levels 8 & 9

  • 9 Elite rooms on each level
  • Gold privileges ($40 per day additional)

Levels 2-7

16 rooms per level

Level 2 – “Memory Support” Unit 16 rooms – for people usually living with some form of cognitive impairment that require a secure facility.

Optional Silver Privileges  ($20 per day additional) on these floors

Other key offerings include:

Ground floor with café, gymnasium and medical centre

Gymnasium equipment is new to market and state of the art

Equipment made by Ferrari can be used in conjunction with wheelchairs

GP’s, a cardiologist and geriatrician

All king single hospital beds

Locked medication cupboard in each room

No medication trolleys

No nurses stations – drop down computer workstation on each floor

Each room fitted with Elsi Smart Floor Monitoring System

The Scala platform provides digital noticeboard for menu and programs


Staffing – Integration Model

This is the first of all TLC’s homes to introduce what they call the “Integration model” where personal care workers will all be providing care as well as cooking and cleaning.

Memory Support

  • Staff have all had training in the specialized EDIE program from Alzheimer’s Australia
  • TLC have designed crockery which will resist breakage but looks elegant
  • Introduced a red rim on white plate so those living with dementia can see the plate
  • Permanent lifestyle person for level 2

Wellbeing program – (Lifestyle)

  • All activity programs contracted out to a company specialised in this area
  • Report to provide individual tailored programs to residents
  • Outings
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Exercise therapy

Good news also they are taking 27 supported residents! Which can always be tricky to find for clients.

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