Aug 19, 2020

Comms agency offers ‘pay what you can’ crisis media support for aged care facilities

A team of ex-journalists and communications specialists are offering Melbourne organisations a lifeline of support with ‘pay what you can’ crisis media support.

The tradition of koha

Taking a lead from across the Tasman, Australian communications agency, Good Talent Media, are basing their goodwill payment model on the Maori tradition of koha, which revolves around the concept of reciprocity, or gift-giving, to support one’s fellow community.

Crisis communication management

St Basil’s, Ruby Princess, Newmarch House, Cedar Meats – they’re now household names for the worst reasons and with many industries like aged care and hospitality under intense media scrutiny, crisis communications and reputation management has never been more important.

Good Talent Media helps clients manage their reputation, helping them conduct audits and guiding them with effective crisis media responses through social, digital, and traditional media platforms.

Now, the team has pivoted to assisting sectors stung worst by the current COVID media frenzy by offering a complimentary crisis media hotline, open to all.

‘We understand this is a confusing, uncertain and overwhelming time for many organisations,’ said Director of Good Talent Media, Tony Nicholls.

‘COVID-19 has thrown companies into a whirlwind and we are taking this opportunity to give something back to the community, showing organisations how effective crisis communications can be in reversing negative publicity into trust and confidence.

‘During these unprecedented times, an effective communications strategy can be quite literally “make or break” for companies.

Good Talent Media has long standing relationships with peak bodies and organisations in the non-profit, healthcare, energy, and corporate world.

How to get in touch

Organisations in need of crisis communications support can contact Good Talent Media’s crisis hotline on 1300 258 995.

‘Our crisis media hotline is open to all companies and organisations across every sector, absolutely free of charge and with no strings attached,’ said Nicholls.

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