Jan 22, 2020

Consumers can now apply for an aged care assessment online

A new online form is available on the My Aged Care website that allows consumers or someone acting on their behalf to:

  • register with My Aged Care
  • apply for their first assessment online.

The form can be completed in their own time as an alternative to calling the My Aged Care contact centre.

Visit the My Aged Care website for information about how consumers can now apply for an assessment.

This new functionality will be continuously improved. Please encourage consumers to provide feedback via the survey or Contact us page of the My Aged Care website.

Sector professionals must continue to use the existing ways of making a referral including:

GPs with Medical Director, Best Practice or Genie Practice management systems are encouraged to use the new pre-populating e-referral form.

This is part of a series of recent updates to the My Aged Care website which also includes:

  • enhanced compare functionality in the ‘Find a provider’ tool
  • improvements to site search to ensure search result relevance
  • print-friendliness of all website pages
  • reduced duplication of home care packages provider entries in the ‘Find a provider’ functionality tool
  • drop down menus for ease of navigation.

Department of Health

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