Oct 11, 2021

Cop who pulls over elderly man for speeding follows him home to help install his TV

Cop who pulls over elderly man for speeding follows him home to help install his TV

Dashcam footage of the heartwarming exchange between Sterling Heights officer Kevin Coates and a 79-year-old man named David begins with the elderly man apologising for speeding and revealing that he was currently going through a hard time.

David told Officer Coates that his wife is sick and that his son who lives in their family home is currently suffering from mental illness.

He then revealed that he had just purchased a new TV to try and cheer up his wife and son and that he had been driving around frantically looking for the appropriate cables and somebody who could help him set the TV up.

After hearing of David’s recent hardship, Officer Coates decided not to issue the 79-year-old with a fine and to let him off with a warning instead.

True to his word, Officer Coates arrived at David’s home within an hour of their first encounter and he brought two other police officers with him to help ensure a successful installation.

Before long, the three police officers managed to install the 79-year-old’s new television and hooked up the cable for him.

In an interview with local news, Sterling Heights Lieutenant Mario Bastianelli spoke highly of his officers and emphasised their commitment to assisting the community.

“That’s not an officer’s job, going in and hooking up TVs, right? But he took it upon himself, an act of kindness saying, ‘Look we’re people too and we’re trying to help our citizens’.”

“Somebody’s gotta step up and we’re glad to do it,” he added. 

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