Jul 29, 2019

Coroner to investigate death at Queensland’s newest nursing home

The death of a resident at a Queensland nursing home is being investigated by the coroner, the sad news coming only weeks after the facility was deemed a “serious risk” by regulators and only months after the facility opened.

HelloCare has been able to confirm the Queensland coroner will investigate the death of a resident at PresCare Protea.

“The Coroners Court Queensland can confirm that the death has been reported to the Northern Coroner, Ms Nerida Wilson, for investigation,” a spokesperson for the CCQ told HelloCare.

Facility accredited in April this year

The investigation comes only weeks after PresCare Protea failed to pass two of the 44 quality accreditation standards and was deemed a “serious risk” to a resident. 

PresCare Protea received its accreditation in only April this year, with the company’s website boasting of the new facility’s rooftop garden with 360º views, state-of-the-art day therapy centre, and gymnasium.

But an unannounced audit on 1 May found the facility failed two expected outcomes, and on 11 Jun 2019, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission concluded the failures put the safety, health and wellbeing of a resident at “serious risk”, and subsequently took the step of informing the Department of Health.

Failings were not “systemic”

A Prescare spokesperson has told HelloCare that the failings were not “systemic” and therefore there was no further risk to residents.

“While the Commission found that Protea placed a resident at serious risk, this related to a particular set of circumstances, rather than any systemic failure, with no ongoing risk to residents,” the PresCare spokesperson said.

Facility on a ‘timetable for improvement’

PresCare Protea has been placed on a timetable for improvement, according to a spokesperson for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

“During a timetable for improvement, a service is monitored closely to ensure return to compliance with the Standards within a required timeframe. 

“The Commission will undertake a further assessment of Prescare Protea at the end of the timetable for improvement,” the spokesperson told HelloCare.

PresCare Protea is not subject to sanctions.

The PresCare spokesperson said, “We implemented immediate changes to ensure the continued well-being of our residents.

“The changes have been communicated to the Commission and we have cooperated with the Commission in an open and proactive way.”

Management replaced

PresCare said it has replaced both its facility manager and clinical care manager at its Protea facility.

“We can confirm the Facility Manager and the Clinical Care Manager are no longer employed by PresCare. A new facility manager has been appointed and is working with staff to strengthen clinical governance to provide high quality care,” the spokesperson said.


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