Jul 03, 2018

NDIS rollout to commence in Brisbane

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will commence rollout in Brisbane on July 1 this year, bringing relief to the 18.3 per cent of people with a disability living in Queensland’s capital (ABS 2015).

Just Better Care Brisbane North owner Susanne Jones said the rollout would be a welcomed arrival for people living with disability, as well as their families, who urgently require funding to access essential community care services.

“We’ve been waiting for the NDIS to arrive in our city since it first started rolling out across Australia almost two years ago. I know the NDIS will bring much relief for many people who need support at home and out in the community,” Ms Jones said.

“I’ve been working with people living with disability, as well as older Australians, in the Brisbane community alone for more than 8 years – two of which I’ve spent running my own community care business –and access to funding is the major concern among my customers and their families.

“People just don’t know what is available to them. And even if they do know, too many people find that it is too complicated to manoeuvre through the funding myriad.

“We have begun consulting with our current customers about how to transition to the NDIS and what they can expect from the NDIS program.”

People living in Brisbane who meet the access requirements can apply to the NDIS up to six months prior to rollout. Ms Jones encouraged people to start reviewing their support programs and speak to a local provider about how to transition to the government funded program.

“Just Better Care Brisbane North has already registered to be an approved National Disability Insurance Scheme provider to ensure our existing, and new customers, have access to the services they need as soon as the rollout commences,” Ms Jones said.

“All we want is for people in the Brisbane community to be able to make an informed choice about their support.”

For more information about the NDIS rollout in Brisbane, phone Just Better Care Brisbane North on 07 3056 0777 or visit the NDIS website.

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