Nov 08, 2021

Doctor from Melbourne’s west under investigation over fake vaccine exemptions

Doctor from Melbourne’s west under investigation over fake vaccine exemptions

A recent report by The Sydney Morning Herald has named Dr Mark Hobart as currently being under investigation by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for issuing false COVID-19 exemptions.

Signs on the windows and doors of the clinic state, “The Victorian government has banned patients from entering this surgery because Dr Hobart refused to surrender your private and confidential patient files.” 

Dr Hobart has been staunch in his criticism of the Victorian government’s handling of lockdowns over the last 18 months, including accusing the Victorian government of basing their lockdowns on “irrational” data and saying that the lockdowns have caused more deaths than the virus.

He is also part of a group of Melbourne GP’s who have spoken out publicly against the current crop of approved vaccines being used to combat COVID-19 in Australia, and urged the government to adopt the use of the controversial drug, Ivermectin.

A spokeswoman for AHPRA told The Sydney Morning Herald that it would not be commenting specifically on the investigation into Dr Hobart and North Sunshine Surgery.

“The consequences of providing an exemption when it is not warranted could be significant,” she said.

“If a notification is made to us that a practitioner is providing exemptions in circumstances other than those described in the [official] advice, we will investigate.”

The spokeswoman continued, “We will consider each case on its individual facts but an investigation could lead to restrictions on a practitioner’s registration. This could affect their ability to continue to provide exemptions, to manage patients in relation to COVID-19, or where there is significant continuing risk or it is in the public interest, could result in a suspension of registration.”

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  1. Dr.Mark Hobart is a terrific GP and is being targeted for simply promoting the truth of the matter. Keep up the great work Mark and keep on fighting the good fight.

    1. So you have actually used this GP to label him as a terrific GP? Keep on fighting just tells me your supporting his anti vax beliefs and nothing more.

      1. Ah George – there you go, brilliant analysis and sober consideration of the known facts. You clearly do not know the doctor, or the previous commentator – but decide you can judge both on the basis of a few words. You assume they disagree with you and so immediately launch into insult and name calling. Guess whose view sounds most trustworthy to me?

  2. Dr Hobart is a great doctor, I can not believe the government is doing this to him. I pray and hope he beats the charges.

  3. It is disgusting to see how the government uses distraction criteria to warrant themselves the ability to raid and disable a long serving doctor from his practice .

    How do they get the qualifications that he is issuing false exemptions. ?
    Probably Andrews just gave them the go ahead

    Isn’t it amazing how people use power. People will administer painful torture of people if they know their identity is hidden .

    Andrews has taken on the Hitler title in his handling of this virus. Called the little man syndrome.

    North Melbourne residents, or Maggie’s, support him

    This doctor is trying to protect his patients.

  4. This information is meant for the public’s eyes. People should know what Drs are doing for their patients privacy.

  5. Dr Hobart has been my family Doctor for years. He treated my Parents with dignity and great care till the end of their lives and continues to provide myself with great treatment during my unfortunate condition I am living with. I travel a long way to see Dr Hobart because of his caring and respectful way he treats his Patients.

    1. He might be a fabulous Dr and he certainly seems like a well grounded man
      Calm and collective while his practice was raided
      However if he is involved in fraudulent activities he should be investigated
      Just like the quack on the Gold Coast who charged innocent people for vax exemptions
      Not saying he’s a quack but I hope the inquiry moves quickly so he can continue to practice if proved to be a terrible misunderstanding

  6. If you want to investigate or suspend a Dr there are proper channels and procedures to follow. This raid did neither. Dan Andrews is thinking he is untouchable now and nothing else could be more dangerous in a leader.

    1. This IS the proper channel.
      Seize documents for investigation.
      Been so since 2009 but rarely done.
      Seems now, there is a need to do so.
      Somebody publicly recommended him as “where to go” for a Covid exemption certificate on a Google conversation stream a week ago.
      Health Dept would already have stats for average certificates pet thousand population issued by practises, and cross-reference for exceptional number of issues.
      Thus, an investigation – under the provision of 2009 laws.

  7. Disgusted that they took patients files without consent. How do they know exemptions aren’t valid? What happened to patient / doctor confidentiality? Dr Hobart is upholding his oath, protecting his patients and doing no harm.

  8. Suspect he will be another victim of the rapidly developing ‘cancel culture’ that is destroying our freedoms unless we kow tow.

  9. The allegations against Dr. Hobart are not true. Dr. Hobart doesn’t give vaccines at all. I went to his office wanting a vaccine (for an illness other than COVID-19) and he has not undergone the specialised training to administer them.

    He also does not give false exemptions. He has simply refused to be bullied by AHPRA out of giving genuine ones.

    Dr. Hobart is a very principled man who stands against government bullying and that’s why he is being targeted.

  10. Dr Hobart is a man of integrity and morals.
    We are in a time where truth openness and transparency should be absolutely paramount, instead they are being condemned. We turn to our Doctors as leaders in our community for guidance and information, which is especially crucial during states of emergency. We are being forced to take vaccines, which are currently still in their trial phase. The government narrative is to get informed consent but those two words should never be put together to begin with. It assumes that once you are informed, you will consent. Instead it should be informed decision. We rely on Doctors such as Dr Hobart, Dr Denes Boros and the Doctors of The Covid Medical Network to provide us with as much information and data about any medical procedure but especially one that is experimental and has no long term safety data. Personally, I would like to know as much information about any medical procedure I’m about to undertake, so I am able to make the best informed decision possible. I do not consider any decision about this Covid-19 vaccine made by any person in Australia to be informed consent and this is because of one simple fact. Our Doctors are being gagged by AHPRA, they are being pressured to follow the government medical narrative and will be investigated if they do not comply. If I wasn’t hesitant before AHPRA’s action to reprimand Doctors for using their expertise and years of education, it has definitely made me hesitant now. Dr Hobart should be commended for abiding by his Hippocratic oath to first do no harm. Dr Hobart should be praised for respecting his Doctor patient confidentiality. Dr Hobart should be championed for speaking out, so as to create open, honest discussion, to truly work out the best path forward, together.
    We have Daniel Andrews and his entourage stand before us on a daily basis and give us the figures about Covid-19 cases and deaths ‘with’ Covid-19. My question is, when will we get the facts and figures about the Covid-19 vaccines, as they are still in their trial phase? When will Daniel Andrews stand at a press conference and discuss the outcomes of the vaccine trials? Their are 642 deaths in Australia following the vaccine. 642 deaths following the vaccine in 8 months in Australia and 1858 deaths ‘with’ Covid-19 in 22 months in Australia. The majority of these vaccines have been administered under great coercion in the last two months, so l find it extremely daunting to imagine what the number of deaths following vaccines will amount to over the coming months. Dr Hobart has nothing to gain when he speaks openly about his findings, except that he retains his integrity and morals.
    Doctors like Dr Hobart and others finding the courage to speak out for and protect their patients will be remembered as HEROS!!!
    What next? Are we going to ask our priests to start recording confession???
    Dr Hobart, I would personally love to thank you for doing what is right, even though it has cost you dearly. History will remember you as a Warrior of Justice!!! Thank you!!! I would love to help in anyway I can, so please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Take Care
    God Bless
    Elza Krslovic

    1. Well said Elza, it seems that few there are that took the Hippocratic Oath. At least the others are true to the Hypocritic oath or no oath they subscribe to 🙂

    2. Beautiful tribute, Elza. I’m so glad to see so many patients of Dr Hobart attesting to his integrity and ethics. What a terrible era in Australia’s history.

  11. The treatment of Dr Hobart and his staff and the complete breach of confidentiality is absolutely apalling. I watched the video of the invasion by these so called authorised officers (No warrant, no police, no real identity, parking their cars around the corner like spies and treating the good doctor and his staff with utter disrespect and like criminals) – this behaviour should never be condoned in Australia. Please people stand up regardless of what you think about vaccination we all need to stand together against the Labour govts dictatorship and breach of human rights and privacy. Stand up against the pandemic bill. Write to your local member of parliament. Protest openly. Talk about the issue so others understand the injustice and extremism that Dan Andrews and his health officer are perpetrating..if we allow this to continue many more innocent lives will be ruined.

    1. The behaviour towards dr Hobart was and is disgusting and it fills me with fear that Victoria is becoming a police state governed by an egomaniac. Please be fair to dr Hobart and return him to his patients. He is a kind considerate man and his patients need him. Many of them are elderly and rely on his care

  12. This is about governmental control. It has nothing to do with health, vaccines, or exceptions. It’s all about a totalitarian Government forcing everyone who comply

  13. I don’t know the doctor personally or as a GP, but someone who refuses to refer for an abortion – especially on sex-selection grounds – sounds like the kind of physician we need more of. He appears to have got a foundational issue right where so many others are either confused or caving in to government pressure.

  14. Another disgusting sign of Dan Andrews POWER.

    People you are forgetting why our parents left their homelands… was for FREEDOM. Look at what is happening around you. Friends turning on friends, families being pulled apart, religion being targeted.

    Anyone against the Andrews government of wanting freedom, is being punished. WHAT AND WHO DOES THIS EGOMANIAC REMIND YOU OF

  15. Well he’s not wrong, 50% of covid related deaths in Australia have occurred in age care, irrefutable fact. The actual story here is nothing to do with vaccination, it is that the government can shut you down, take confidential information and all ruin your reputation BEFORE found guilty and without any police involvement just a few blokes with an “Authorised Officer” card– the new brown shirts.

  16. It would seem that most of the comments here are from anti-vaxxers praising this Doctor for what he may (or may not) have done.
    He is under investigation for illegally dispensing exemption certificates – and that is precisely why his patient files have been seized for the purpose of investigation – legally, by Dept of Health.
    Can see no wrong in this.

    Exemption certificates should be issued under proper rules and regulations for that exemption – not just because a patient “wants one” – otherwise they would be for sale in your local Deli.
    Hopefully, patient files will support his actions and no doubt the truth will come out soon.

  17. our victorian goverment and health ministers and officers are corrupt not our doctors who are speaking out against the corrup, tyranny and lying of the victorian goverment and other labour politicians.may they be voted out and never return to be federal or state leaders again.AMEN

  18. Dr Hobart has been a great gp over my youth to adulthood, his very straight down the line and will not prescribe you something for your own request , if you don’t like his ways then your most likely in the wrong yourself his a great family doctor and will be missed by the community , his views should be taken seriously, other doctors will beat around the bush and follow government rules and regulations

  19. This is criminal
    There are too many people out there that refuse to compromise their health for this poison the government is forcing
    The force on its own just screams crime crime crime from the government
    There needs to be serious consideration on people who are already on a treatment or in ant health concern if their own to beanie you protect themselves
    The government isn’t about protecting the people he’s an asshole, the devil sadly still alive
    This is about money
    This is about control
    The people have been brainwashed
    The people have bern scammed

  20. Dr Hobart is a very good down to earth practical doctor, I hope so much that he will return soon

  21. Dr Mark Hobart, you are a brilliant Doctor. Millions of us around the world know that you are one of the few good men left out there. We love you for what you did and support you 100%. From the bottom of my heart, thankyou

  22. Good on the doctor. I hope you go free. And the government gets exposed for the covid farce.


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