Feb 21, 2021

How the classics transport aged care residents back in time

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Arcare Seven Hills (QLD) residents Mavis, 83, and James, 98, shared their reviews of documentaries featured on FOXTEL's new FOX DOCOS channel.

In addition to giving Arcare residents access to an extensive range of content, Foxtel Business allows staff to share greetings and emergency messages with residents.

According to Arcare Seven Hills Lifestyle Coordinator, Lauren Smith, the messaging features allow staff to keep residents informed and bolster a sense of togetherness within the facility.

“It allows all clients to be united as a community and feel part of their home – even if they’re in their room,” said Ms Smith.

While FOXTEL Business is an appealing extra-service offering for all aged care providers, having access to an ever-expanding library of quality content proved to be invaluable for residents throughout COVID lockdowns.

Having scoured the resident ranks for the most avid TV watchers, we are proud to present you with three heart-warming documentary reviews, featured on FOXTEL’s new FOX DOCOS channel, from the newly appointed TV critics of Arcare Seven Hills.

Bob, 82 – Write Around the World: Italy

While documentaries are always a great opportunity to learn something new, travel documentary Write Around the World: Italy provided Bob with an opportunity to reminisce about some of the best times in his life.

“I’ve got Alzheimer’s, and by seeing this show about Italy – where I have been about 10 times – brought back a lot of good memories about my time there,” shared Bob.

Presenter Richard E. Grant’s journey across Italy chronicles areas of the country that inspired some of the world’s best writers. However, it was the culinary delights of the region that seemed to evoke the most visceral reaction.

“The food starts off the same, but the finish was different, with all the different herbs and spices. It was to die for,” said Bob.

Bob revealed that he would recommend Write Around the World: Italy to “absolutely everyone”.

“It captures the life of Italy and the culture. Anybody that watches it, will love it,” said Bob.

Bob’s review rating: 10/10 


James, 98 – Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union

Despite already being an unabashed fan of Barack Obama, Foxtel’s new three-part documentary provided James with a new appreciation for the 44th American President.

“I perhaps learned a little bit more insight into American politics. It did seem to me that it was a very happy and loyal group of people that he had around him, and that’s something that really shone through for me,” said James.

Candid conversations featuring Obama’s friends and critics are seamlessly interspersed with rousing speeches and interviews under the watchful eye of Oscar-nominated director Spike Lee.

Although certainly not a core subject within the Obama documentary, James was quick to point out a distinction that he observed regarding the role of presidents in the US.

James enjoyed the three-part insight into Barack Obamas’s life and presidency but was hoping to have seen a more detailed explanation of the American political system overall, in addition to learning about Obama.

James also warned that Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union would be best suited to audiences that already have a keen interest in US politics.

James’ review rating: 6.5/10


Mavis, 83 – Write Around the World: France

Having never had the opportunity to visit France herself, Mavis was instantly captivated by the lush rolling hills that served as a backdrop for Richard E. Grant’s journey through the French countryside.“It was really interesting, I learned a lot of things,” said Mavis. “They do things a little differently to how we do them here.”

Mavis added, “They also eat a lot. And they love olives.”

While beautiful scenery and mouth-watering French cuisine were obvious talking points, one of the most memorable moments for Mavis centred around village logistics with one of the region’s most time-honoured modes of reliable transport.

When asked if she would recommend Write Around the World: France to friends and family, Mavis was quick and adamant in her reply.

“Oh yeah, it’s 10 out of 10,” she said.

“The countryside is hilly, but it is so beautiful and green. It’s just so different… it’s more compact than here in Australia.”

Mavis’s review rating: 10/10


To discover more about FOXTEL’s new FOX DOCOS channel, click here.


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