Mar 07, 2018

Elder abuse and aged care

Abuse and neglect in aged care and the relationship to quality – Ian Yates, AM CEO COTA Australia Interviews Dr Julie MacKenzie, Senior Legal Officer, Australian Law Reform Commission about her enquiry into elder abuse in Australian Aged Care. #agedcarequality18

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Accessing Home Equity to Pay for Aged Care

“The transition to aged care should be as stress-free as possible, preferably without the shock of needing to sell one’s home in order to move into permanent care”. There is plenty of talk about the ageing population and the increasing costs of supporting our growing elderly community. What exactly does this mean for a resident... Read More

“19 of the 44 standards are irrelevant”: An aged care owner’s perspective

A couple of weeks ago, we published an article titled ‘Is Six Minutes Long Enough for Aged Care Staff to get Residents Ready Each Morning?’ The article reached nearly 20,000 of our Facebook followers, and attracted nearly 200 comments and shares. One reader, Anton Hutchinson, whose family has proudly owned Canberra Aged Care Facility for over 30... Read More

Action Is The Antidote

Right now, I am preparing to pack my bags and head over to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane for some fantastic events. Let me tell you; I am both scared and excited. It’s almost time for our next Better Mentor Relationship event. I am so thrilled about the events and the leaders we are working with... Read More
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