Mar 07, 2018

Elder abuse and aged care

Abuse and neglect in aged care and the relationship to quality – Ian Yates, AM CEO COTA Australia Interviews Dr Julie MacKenzie, Senior Legal Officer, Australian Law Reform Commission about her enquiry into elder abuse in Australian Aged Care. #agedcarequality18

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Warning Signs: Dementia in a Partner or Loved One

We all forget our keys in different places. We sometimes cannot find our phones and perhaps even forgot an old acquaintances name. We all have mood swings and lose interest in different things at various stages of our life. However, when does the forgetfulness begin to be actual memory loss? When do the mood swings... Read More

Ngaire Hobbins, ‘What is the role of nutrition in dementia?’

Ngaire Hobbins, ‘What is the role of nutrition in dementia?’ Good nutrition is essential to the aged care experience, but a person living with dementia may struggle to communicate their needs. As care providers, it is vital to recognise their needs are being unmet, and facilitate options that ensure mealtimes are an enjoyable experience again.... Read More

How to Get More for Less with your Home Care Package

So you’ve got a government funded Home Care Package and, under the government’s Consumer Directed Care (CDC) initiative, you have the freedom to shop around and choose which services you need. This is a good thing, but how sure are you that you’re not wasting a substantial amount of your funding on unnecessary costs? Facts... Read More