May 03, 2022

Elderly couple with Alzheimer’s ‘forget they’re divorced’ and continue married life

Elderly couple with Alzheimer’s ‘forget they’re divorced’ and continue married life

Video creator Reagan Yorke claims that her grandparents, who had both previously been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, have forgotten about their divorce and are continuing on with life as if they are still married.


WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY and how cute is my grandma

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One of the commenters on the post asked if the couple is ‘happily married or miserably married?’ The couple’s granddaughter revealed that the couple is happy together because they quickly forget about any arguments that they may have.

Alzheimer’s and other diseases that affect cognitive function and memory can greatly impact a person’s quality of life, but a small number of people in the comment section reported witnessing their grandparents go through a similar situation.

This latest viral video is part of a growing trend of younger social media users that are documenting interactions with their grandparents or seniors in the community to create video content.

In recent years, seniors have also started to embrace these platforms themselves, using their age as a point of difference in the youth-dominated space and garnering lots of attention – and in some cases, lucrative sponsorship deals.

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