Aug 30, 2021

Elderly man posts flyer at supermarket asking for dog to cuddle in lockdown

elderly man wants dog to cuddle in lockdown

Kelvin Hill, 87, has spent the past two years living alone in the Canterbury region of New Zealand after his wife was moved to a dementia care clinic in nearby Christchurch. 

Normally, Kelvin would visit his wife twice a week, but the forced separation of lockdown has taken its toll on the couple.

Up until very recently, Kelvin had enjoyed the company of a 16-year-old Bichon Frise named Harry, but unfortunately, his beloved dog passed away three weeks ago due to cancer. 

Harry’s death has had a significant impact on Kelvin’s routine and overall happiness, particularly at night where Kelvin misses his presence at the end of the bed.

With Kelvin’s feelings of loneliness compounded by the isolation of lockdown, last week Kelvin decided to leave a note on the noticeboard at a local supermarket in the hopes of finding a new furry friend.

The note said that Kelvin was looking for a small to medium-sized dog that he “will give lots of love and cuddles” to. He also noted that he was willing to pay a fair price. 

Pictures of the note have been circulating across social media all weekend and we are pleased to announce that Kelvin has now received a number of phone calls from kind-hearted strangers who would like to provide Kelvin with a new four-legged friend. 

Kelvin has been amazed at the reaction to his notice, and he is now looking forward to having a new companion to sleep at the end of his bed and watch television with.

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