Sep 15, 2021

Elderly Queensland man stranded in NSW collapses after heartbreaking TV interview

Elderly Queensland man stranded in NSW collapses after heartbreaking TV interview

A 71-year-old Queensland man who is recovering from heart surgery collapsed after a TV interview where he detailed his stress and frustration of being unable to return home to Queensland due to border restrictions. 

Ronald Renwick appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise earlier this week to share his frustrations about being knocked back by Queensland health officials in his request to return home to Queensland.

Desperate and distressed, Mr Renwick told Sunrise reporter Bianca Stone that he feared that the stress of this situation – coupled with his heart surgery – would result in his death.

According to reporter Bianca Stone, Mr Renwick was overcome with the fear of running out of money and he could no longer afford to cover the cost of a hotel.

Dramatic footage of the retiree’s collapse was captured by Sunrise camera’s and Ms Stone can be seen comforting the man as police and paramedics checked on his condition.

Mr Renwick dipped in and out of conscious pain and continued to “apologise for making a scene” while he lay on the ground.

“There’s no doubt the exemptions team is working really hard on this guys, but there needs to be more done, these are human lives and it’s not just a simple tick and flick,” Stone said.

Mr Renwick claims that Queensland Health told him that he could only re-enter Queensland via plane, despite being medically unable to fly due to his heart condition.

Mr Renwick is recovering well at John Lynn Hospital.

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