Jan 18, 2022

Elderly urged to lock themselves down over the coming weeks as Omicron peaks

Elderly urged to lock themselves down over the coming weeks as Omicron peaks

Monash University’s head of epidemiological modelling, James Trauer, recently appeared on Melbourne radio station 3AW where he encouraged those who are the most at risk from the virus to consider taking extra precautions.

“People in medical research and epidemiology were [originally] talking about how we could shield elderly people and I think we should be thinking that way again,” said Mr Trauer. 

“Only for a short period of time, for a few weeks.

“For an elderly person, just while the hospitals are as stressed as they are, just try to shield yourself away, stay away from your contacts.”

There are currently 1,152 COVID-positive Victorians in hospital, 43 of which currently require the use of ventilators.

Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton also believes that the rate of infection in Victoria will start to fall within weeks, saying that he can see ‘positive signs’ that Victoria is on the verge of overcoming the outbreak.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty but I do think we’re reasonably close to peak, if we’re not at a peak already,” Professor Sutton said.

“Those hospital numbers are going to increase, there’s a lag compared to our daily case numbers and over the next few weeks we will see hospital numbers go up.”

“I think we’re looking at this endemic space where we see continuing transmission indefinitely but it just becomes less of an issue,” he said.

“I think things will hopefully settle down within the next few months or the next year or so where we at least won’t need those lockdowns or whole of society effects.”

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