Aug 27, 2021

Elderly woman asks friend for $20 after going without food during 9-week lockdown

Sad elderly woman window

“Operation – we are caring communities,” the woman wrote.

“I am putting out a story I have just heard about an elderly lady in Cremorne who is on her own and not eating, as she could not get out or sort out how to get food in the lockdown,” she said, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

“Luckily one of our volunteers found her in the local supermarket and helped her. 

“She was on her own and had to send a letter to a friend in South Australia to send her $20.”

The woman pleaded with others to check on those around them to make sure they have all they need. 

“If they are doing it tough, let us know and we can organise a package for them.”

The woman’s kindness extended beyond just older members of the community.

“This is also for families who have lost jobs and [are] suffering,” she wrote.

Members of the group are sending food to the worst affected areas of the lockdown, Sydney’s west and inner-west.

But the poster said, “[We] can help our own. Please keep your eyes and ears out.”

The post attracted dozens of comments. 

“Oh bless that’s so hard and sad to hear, I hope she is ok. Would do anything to help,” one commenter said.

New South Wales reported 882 COVID cases on Friday, down from a record high of 1,029 on Thursday. Lockdowns are currently in place until the end of September. 

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