Mar 30, 2020

Elderly Woman Dead And Four Others Injured After NSW Beach Dog Attack

A horrific dog attack that occurred on an NSW Central Coast beach has claimed the life of an elderly woman and left five other people injured.

Victims of the attack were walking along Collingwood Beach in the sea-side town of Vincentia before being set upon by three large bullmastiff x staffy dogs that escaped from the backyard of a nearby home.

Tragically, 91-year-old Sally Holland died at the scene as a result of her injuries after both she and her daughter were attacked.

Three witnesses to the attack also sustained serious injuries while attempting to pull the dogs away from the elderly woman and her daughter. 

Faye Stockwell of NSW Ambulance said the paramedics who were first on scene found “multiple victims in multiple locations” on the beach.

Witnesses to the attack also assisted in protecting emergency services from the dogs as they worked to treat each patient.

“It was horrific. It was very sad for all of us,” she said.

“We worked together to ensure the best care was given and the main thing now is to be able to support our paramedics.”

In an interview with 9News, the owner of the dogs, Adam Newbold, expressed disbelief at the situation, claiming that the dogs were his “best mates,” who would regularly play with his young children.

“I’ve had them for seven years… I can’t believe that they changed – like, I don’t know why,” Mr. Newbold told 9News.

“My two daughters, they were just playing with them in the yard yesterday afternoon, just running around playing with the kids. The kids hang off them.”

It is understood that the three dogs escaped Mr. Newbold’s backyard after breaking through a fence and that Mr. Newbold’s partner rushed to assist the elderly woman before the dogs turned on her.

“All I can say is I’m sorry to the people who have been hurt. Even my missus has been hurt,” Mr. Newbold told reporters.

“I would never have had these dogs near my kids if I knew that this could happen.”

The three dogs have been seized by the local council and arrangements are being made to have them euthanised.

Photo credit – iStock – marketmox

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