Feb 28, 2024

Estia Health and Bupa work together to house storm-affected residents

Celebrations were held as Estia Health’s storm-affected residents returned home following a two-week stay at a Bupa Aged Care home. [Source: Supplied]

New South Wales aged care provider Estia Health has thanked Bupa Aged Care for support during a recent severe weather event as Australia contends with damaging summer storms and catastrophic bushfires. 

On February 13, a large storm swept through regional New South Wales, impacting Albury, where cars, buildings and homes were damaged. State border lines meant little as neighbouring Victoria also bore the brunt of storm damage. 

However, as Estia Health’s residential aged care home in Albury suffered significant roof damage, Bupa’s Wodonga home remained safe and secure. With parts of the Albury site experiencing severe water damage, 16 residents were in need of a temporary home while repairs were underway.

Bupa stepped up with the common cause of caring for Australia’s elders more important than state boundaries or provider competition. They welcomed Estia Health’s 16 affected residents with open arms.

Now that the repairs have been completed and the residents have returned home, Estia Health Chief Executive Officer Sean Bilton thanked Bupa for their support over the past fortnight. 

“We would like to thank both Bupa’s senior and local management teams for their fast response and the support that they have provided over the nearly two-week period,” Mr Bilton said.

“They did not hesitate to assist and the way our local teams came together, providing care and support throughout the 13-day period, was remarkable. Two providers working together ensured the best possible outcome for residents in very difficult circumstances.”

Ultimately, severe rain, flash flooding, hail, lightning strikes and bushfires impacted hundreds of thousands of people across New South Wales and Victoria with at least 220,000 Victorians losing power.

Australia’s entire east coast has experienced a challenging summer with Queensland also impacted by storms, including the dangerous Tropical Cyclone Jasper that passed through just before Christmas. 

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