Oct 05, 2021

Family outraged as teenager refuses to share grandfather’s inheritance cheque

Family outraged as teenager refuses to share grandfather’s inheritance cheque

In a post made on Reddit, the young man revealed that he had spent six months as his grandfather’s primary caregiver. The grandfather then gave the young man a $60K gift to thank him for the sacrifices that he made in taking on a carer role at such a young age. 

“I (19M) Have been caregiving for my Grandpa with cancer for about 6 months (unpaid). My life has completely turned around, I should be working a job and making memories with friends. My grandpa realized this and gifted me about $60k, I was shocked but also felt bad for this sudden money,” said the post. 

The young man then revealed that his mother objected to him accepting the $60K, and that she slandered him to other family members for not sharing the money. 

“My mother is the one who gets all his stuff when he dies (House, Bank account) and she was very unhappy that I was gifted this. We’ve never gotten along, and she’s always treated me kinda poorly,” read the post.

“She decided to call all my family and tell them about this transaction, shi**ing on me. Then, trying to manipulate me into giving half to my sister (24F) who has never worked a day in her life (They are very buddy-buddy).”

According to the post, she decided to go on vacation instead, leaving the young man with the sole responsibility of caring for his grandfather once again.

It is for this reason that the young man says that he has decided to keep the rest of the money for himself.

This story was posted to Reddit’s ‘Am I an A**hole’ sub-section where people go to anonymously share personal stories with the public to get advice on their situation.


Many of those commenting on this particular story were quick to tell the young man to keep the money for himself and honour his grandfather’s wishes.

What do you think? Should the young man keep the money? Or should he listen to his mother and share the money with his family?

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  1. Of course he should keep it. it is what his grandpa wanted. I would have kept my mouth shut and told no one.

  2. He took on the roll he should keep it Have it thecworld he shoukd keep it keep it he didn’t go on vacation he should keep it he was thoughtful enough to see his grandfather need help .
    Don’t feel any guilty all . That’s their job now.

  3. Yes he should keep the money, for having cared (unpaid)for his grandfather.

    Should he had gone outto work, he could have maybe made lot more.

    There is ill feeling in the family and so it is wise of him to keep the money and
    spend it wisely.

    Personally, this young man has a good heart, and will go very far in life.

    He has shown compassion and empathy here.!!

  4. He should keep it, he hads taken the time and effort to help the old soul out, if this is his grandfather’s wish and if the old soul is compesmentus then keep it.. good on you for looking after him..

  5. He should keep the money as he was the one who cared for GRANDAD The daughter is getting his house so she is not missing out

  6. If you care for someone close to you and they gift you something you should respect their wishes and keep it . Ìf your family doesn’t like it ask them what did that give up to help out

  7. You should keep the money. You deserve it. I was a full time carer for my mum and her partner. It’s a long hard road. Nobody understands what’s involved until they have to do it.

  8. i think the young lad earnt every bit of the.money the mother and sister need a kick up the arse they are so selfish i hope the young lad has a good life and tell his mother and sister to go to hell good luck young young man

  9. Keep it buddy, your selflessness in being your Gfathers full time carer is admiral, you deserve it.
    The fact that your family weren’t there to help you proves who his real family is.

  10. He has put his life on hold for his grandfather, so he should keep the money. Where was everyone else when the old man needed help?

  11. He deserves to receive the money as per his grandfather’s wish. His family are being unreasonable and unloving.

  12. Yes. You made the decision to help care for your grandfather then you deserve the money. Your grandfather obviously wanted you to have it.

  13. Why should they get anything as they did nothing to help you care for your grandfather…set the record straight with rest of family.. let them know what you did for him and stand on your digs…Do NOT back down

  14. This was his grandpa’s dying wish. Respect it and don’t feel guilty and enjoy YOUR inheritance. If this bothers other member of his family that’s tough!
    It is not clear whether other members of his family agreed with the mother’s outburst. You know what they say: there’s nothing quite like the smell of money to have people coming out through cracks in the wall!!

  15. He should keep the money that his grandfather gave him. The grandfather obviously appreciated the care and love he received from his grandson, he should honour his wish.

  16. What part of he was gifted this dont they get. He worked for it as well after losing wages. They couldve done the same. Leeches

  17. Keep the money, seems like none of the family were prepared to help you and grandfather left it to you for all your help. No you are not being selfish at all, you keep it and enjoy it like your grandpa wanted you to. All the best, and I hope grandpa enjoys the remaining months. All the best.

  18. Accept this gift with grace and in this case you should do what your grandfather would have wanted for you – better your life! Do not waste his hard earned money on people who would not appreciate it. You earned it, you keep it.

  19. Keep the money son as not many would do what you have done. I am a carer for my husband and I have help from carers that come in to help and it is not an easy job. You deserve that gift and your grandfather wanted you to have it.

  20. You have done a wonderful job, your family/relatives are only jealous of you.
    You, grandpa, gave you the money for a reason. If he would have wanted for you to share it he would have told you to do so.
    Honour your Grandfathers wish and keep the money.

  21. I applaud this young man. Please please do not give a cent to those who wait for their loved ones to die so they can get the inheritance.

  22. Keep the Money you did the Hard work and Sacrificed your time to look after a loved one., You are the Grand Child, Where it should of been the Children looking after him.They deserve nothing, You deserve everything.. Good on You .


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