Jul 08, 2021

Family’s desperate search for Melbourne grandfather has a happy ending

Old man driving

Police and family members became concerned for Alleyne’s welfare when the beloved grandfather made a desperate call to his daughter on Tuesday night, claiming that he had gotten lost while driving. 

Unfortunately, Alleyne’s phone battery died before his daughter could direct her confused father back to his home, making him uncontactable and leaving his family in a state of panic. 

Impassioned pleas by family members to help find Alleyne were aired by multiple news outlets, as it was revealed that the 92-year-old was without his heart medication and that he struggles driving at night. 

Hopes of finding Alleyne safe were boosted on Wednesday after a potential sighting of his white Toyota Corolla travelling on Dandenong Road, Caulfield that same afternoon.

After a desperate 24 hours, family members were jubilant when news came through that Alleyne had been found alive and well.

Police did not elaborate on who found Alleyne or where he was, but all that matters is that he’s safe and sound at home.

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