Jul 13, 2017

Feros Silver Foxes Painting the Town

Aged care is normally about risk and making things safe, but for a special group of Feros Care residents, they spent the day out having some fun and being a little naughty.

During a graffiti workshop in Byron Bay, this group of resident got to see a different side of art and culture. Something that they all took in and embraced and budding artists.

Chatting with Davey (aka Teazer) at his Stay Gold Studio was inspiring for a bunch of very cool and Feros Care residents who visited recently.

The brightly dressed seniors went to see the workings of the graffiti art workshop and hear about how Teazer got into the artform, its history and tagging.

The Feros Silver Foxes visited Teazer’s Byron Bay studio after helping to reinvigorate the local ‘Surf Alley’, painting part of the town red (and other colours), as part of the recent Popped festival.

Teazer explained that he thinks it’s a primal urge to want to leave your mark, your message, and Feros Silver Fox Nina Marzi agreed.

“Not everybody can be an artist,” Nina said, “it’s the touch, the quality of the paint, what you want to convey in the painting; that’s the most important.”

“You never stop learning, today I learnt so many different things. It was eye opening,” and Nina’s seen a painting or two throughout nearly 10 decades so who can argue with that?

“I think it’s very clever, clever than I ever thought or realised,” says Fran Boyle, “that’s Bryron Bay – it’s the sort of place where you expect these sorts of [clever] things to happen”.

Fran, Nina and the rest of the Feros Silver Foxes then hopped in a bus to see Teazer’s local wall graffiti art behind Mitre 10 near the old train tracks – not even on the wrong side – where artists like him go to practice.

Inspired by Teazer, and other artists work on the wall, the Feros Silver Foxes also let their mark and art with a flurry of spraying paint activity.

Follow the Feros Silver Foxes on their visit and hear their inspired thoughts about the modern artform which back in the day was considered the realm of vandals.

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