Aug 13, 2021

Firefighters complete yard work for elderly man who collapsed while mowing the lawn

Firefighters complete yard work for elderly man who collapsed while mowing the lawn

According to neighbour Steel Morris, the 92-year-old man was unable to move after collapsing on the front lawn of his Californian home. After being discovered by another concerned neighbour, he was then transported to hospital.

Shortly after hearing the news, Mr Morris went outside and discovered a crew of local firefighters completing the elderly man’s yard work.

“He shouldn’t have to worry about this,” remarked one of the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) crew as he continued to mow the lawn. 

According to OCFA Fire Captain Greg Chrisman, deeds like this may not be in a firefighters’ job description, but they are certainly part of the job.

“This isn’t unique. I know that firefighters across the country and firefighters here in California are doing the same thing, said Mr Chrisman.

“We always do it. We just rarely get away from the turmoil in the field.”

Thankfully, the elderly gentleman returned home safely a few hours later and was thrilled to notice that his gardening was now complete.

According to the elderly man’s daughter, he was laughing about the incident upon his return home and he has now decided to start helping other locals with their gardening to pay the good deed forward. 

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