Jan 24, 2020

Foul-Mouthed Australian Teen Gets Dose Of His Own Medicine After Threatening An Elderly Man

WARNING: Explicit Language

An online video that shows a teenager threatening to ’crack’ and elderly man on a Sydney train surfaced on social discussion website Reddit earlier this week.

The video begins with the elderly gentleman telling a teenager in a striped T-shirt to ’shut up’ for a reason that is still unknown before the cowardly teen begins to aggressively threaten the elderly man.

Kid trash talking an elderly man from JusticeServed

“Make me, make me .. what the f*&k are you gonna do?” the young man replied to the elderly gentleman.

The teen then quickly gets to his feet and begins to posture with closed fists in a desperate and misguided attempt to prove that he’s a tough guy before proceeding to threaten the old man with violence.

“You wanna arc up to me d*&khead?” the young man yells, “arc up to me d*&khead and I’ll crack you.”

The elderly man then attempts to stand up but he is quickly encouraged to sit back down by a female train passenger while the teenager continues his barrage of threats directed towards the old man.

While things at this point appeared to be running smoothly for the foul-mouthed youth, he seemed to be painfully unaware that this level of disrespect can have consequences, and justice was on its way.

Midway through his abusive tirade, the young man is approached by an angry adult wearing a suit who had enough of what he was seeing and grabbed the teen by his throat and stuffed him back into his own seat.

“What’d ya say? What’d ya say? Who are you gonna crack? Who are you gonna crack?” he said while staring into the teenager’s eyes.

The man then shoved the teenager back into his seat and ordered him to get off the train before offering him a chance to really prove how brave he was.

“You gonna hit an old man you piece of s**t? Why don’t you hit me? Why don’t you hit me? You b*tch, you’re a f**king b*tch.”

The cowardly teen didn’t even have the courage to look at the man by now, and he sat with shoulders slumped and head down while on the receiving end of the same kind of verbal intimidation that he was happy to direct at the elderly gentleman.

The NSW police are aware of the video and they are currently making inquiries and Sydney Trains have not yet made comment.

Image courtesy of Reddit

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  1. A big thank you to both the man in the suit as well as the woman near the man. It takes guts to stand up to shitty bullies. Thank you for protecting this older man.


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