Jun 26, 2024

Fox Footy’s Sarah Jones Brings AFL Commentary Flair to Aged Care

Fox Footy’s Sarah Jones Brings AFL Commentary Flair to Aged Care
Sarah Jones alongside, Jean, a Claremont Terrace aged care resident and Sarah's co-commentator for the day.

Residents at Bolton Clarke’s Claremont Terrace in Melbourne recently enjoyed an unforgettable day of fun and festivities, thanks to the groundbreaking sponsorship of Connect the 40% by Foxtel.

The highlight of the day was the presence of Fox Footy commentator Sarah Jones, who brought her lively commentary skills to a special Zumba class and an AFL handball competition, creating a buzz of excitement among the residents.

While Zumba classes are a staple in the lifestyle activities at Bolton Clarke, this particular session had a unique twist. Sarah Jones, with her signature energy and enthusiasm, stepped into the commentator’s shoes, describing the rhythmic movements of the residents.

Joining her was Jean, a resident at Claremont Terrace, who added her own special insights and flair as Sarah’s co-commentator. The dynamic duo kept everyone entertained, transforming a routine exercise class into an event to remember.

Following the Zumba session, the action moved to the highly anticipated AFL handball competition. The contest saw Bolton Clarke resident Nino, a dedicated Collingwood Magpies fan, pitted against former AFL player Peter, representing the Geelong Cats.

Sarah Jones once again took the mic, this time as both commentator and head adjudicator. The friendly rivalry and competitive spirit brought smiles and laughter, making the competition a resounding success.

After the fun-filled activities, the Connect the 40% team, supported by Foxtel’s generous sponsorship, distributed gifts to the residents of Claremont Terrace.

This initiative has been instrumental in providing free gifts and experiences to lonely and low-mood aged care residents since its launch last October.

 The partnership has been especially impactful during the holiday season, a time when loneliness can be particularly acute for those without regular visitors.

Sarah Jones is the second Foxtel on-air presenter to feature in a Connect the 40% video, following in the footsteps of celebrity chef Darren Purchese, who delighted residents with his culinary creations last Christmas. 

The ongoing involvement of high-profile Foxtel personalities has significantly boosted the visibility and success of the initiative, bringing joy and a sense of connection to many aged care residents.

If you would like to make a positive impact in the life of a senior living in aged care, head to connectthe40.com today and help make a wish come true.

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