Sep 17, 2020

Glam-Mas from around the world: meet Instagram’s most stylish older women


When we think of fashion for grandmas and older people, we may think of comfy cardis, house slippers, and sensible trousers. While there’s nothing wrong with that, these stylish ladies have taken a different approach and are rewriting the fashion rules for older people.

Covering the whole rainbow of colours, every kind of texture, and always expertly accessorised, these ladies sure know how to grow old stylishly.

Jean & Valerie


Jean and Valerie describe themselves as “NYC style bloggers for “women of a certain age” setting a bad, bad example for older women everywhere!” and we couldn’t agree more. Between the two of them, they’ve amassed a collection of hats, jewellery pieces and sunglasses that are the envy of all.

Posing their way through the streets of New York City, Jean and Valerie give us another lesson in colour and pattern clashing every time they post.


Judith Boyd


Judith Boyd is the face at the front of the Style Crone Instagram and website. At 76 years old, she describes her blog as “dedicated to the older woman, in her most creative, outrageous, authentic, powerful, adventurous, funny, and proud era.” Featured in big name publications around the world, Judith has become an expert in hat wearing and taste making.

Having spent most of her career as an emergency psychiatric nurse she says that she used fashion as a way to express herself creatively, and as a form of meditation in preparation for her days speaking to people who have experienced major life trauma. With her passion lying in vintage fashion and an extensive collection of beloved hats, Judith’s wish is to inspire people to “channel, celebrate and cherish your inner crone.”


Lyn Slater


Lyn Slater is an ex-professor and current trend maker. In 2014, Lyn was photographed by fashion photographers, tourists and received requests from Japanese media for interviews when she was walking near New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Centre. Impeccably dressed, as always, she was mistaken for someone in the industry, and so Accidental Icon was born.

Her blog filled a hole in the market. Unable to find a fashion magazine that suited her needs, one that “offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what I call “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities,” Lyn decided to start one herself. Now with over 700,000 followers on Instagram, her icon status is not so accidental anymore.


Jenny Kee


Iconic Australian artist and designer, Jenny Kee is just as fashion forward now as she always has been. At 73, Jenny uses the full colour spectrum in every design she makes, and further reflects that in her fashion choices. From full rainbow gowns, to architectural hats, and of course including her quintessential style in her COVID masks, Jenny Kee remains at the forefront of Australian fashion.

Growing up in Sydney’s iconic beachside suburb of Bondi, Jenny’s inspirations of growing up by the “sparkling blue sea and… the day-glo colours of the 1960’s” still ring through in all her creations 40 years on in her career.


Iris Apfel 


It wouldn’t be a list of fashionable older women without Iris Apfel. From her iconic thick rimmed round glasses, to her ever present (and always perfect) quaff of white hair, Iris is a fashion staple and taste maker of the over 60s crowd. Still getting invited to all the coolest parties and featuring in fashion magazine spreads around the world, Iris shows no signs of settling down in her 99 years.

With a current fashion and accessories line, Iris is still teaching us all how it’s done. And her Instagram is a joyful spread of colours, textures and all around ageless and timeless style. Even young ones are looking to get in on what Iris is putting out, with stylish recreations of iconic Iris Apfel looks being worn by those as young as three.

Do you know your own Glam-Ma? Is there a particularly stylish older lady in your life? We’d love to see! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and let’s show the world how it’s done!

Lead image: Judith Boyd via Instagram @stylecrone

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