Mar 18, 2024

Gov wants feedback from aged care staff on what’s working and what isn’t

Gov wants feedback from aged care staff on what’s working and what isn’t
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The backbone of aged care lies in the dedication and compassion of its workforce. Earlier today, the Department of Health and Aged Care uploaded the Aged Care Worker Survey 2023-24. This survey presents a unique opportunity for aged care workers to share their experiences, insights, and concerns, shaping the future of aged care in Australia.

Why Your Participation Counts

The Aged Care Worker Survey serves as a vital platform for aged care workers to voice what’s working well and what challenges they face within the sector. 

By candidly sharing their perspectives, workers have the chance to contribute valuable data that informs policy decisions and drives improvements in aged care services.

From frontline caregivers to administrative staff, every voice matters in shaping a brighter future for aged care.

What the Survey Covers

Designed to capture a comprehensive snapshot of the aged care workforce, the survey delves into various aspects of the job, including:

  • Workforce demographics: Who makes up the aged care workforce? Understanding the diverse backgrounds and experiences of workers is crucial for tailoring support and resources effectively.
  • Job satisfaction: What parts of the job bring joy and fulfillment, and which aspects pose challenges? By identifying areas of satisfaction and areas needing improvement, the survey enables targeted interventions to enhance worker well-being.
  • Support needs: What support mechanisms are essential for aged care workers to thrive in their roles? Insights from the survey inform strategies to bolster support systems and address gaps in resources.
  • Planning for the future: How can the government better plan for the evolving needs of the aged care workforce? By gathering data on workforce trends and preferences, policymakers can shape policies that promote a sustainable and resilient aged care sector.

Confidentiality and Privacy

The survey prioritizes confidentiality and privacy to ensure participants feel safe and comfortable sharing their experiences. All information provided remains strictly confidential and will not be shared with employers or used for compliance purposes. Participants can rest assured that their anonymity is safeguarded, with only de-identified summary data being published.

Optional Focus Group Participation

In addition to the survey, aged care workers have the option to participate in focus groups slated for late 2024. 

These focus groups offer a more in-depth platform for sharing insights and engaging in dialogue with policymakers. While participation is optional, those interested can provide personal information for contact purposes. Rest assured, the Department handles personal information with the utmost care, adhering to privacy regulations and ensuring security.

Your Voice, Our Future

As valued members of the aged care community, your perspectives shape the trajectory of aged care in Australia. 

Your participation in the Aged Care Worker Survey is not only appreciated but essential for fostering positive change and improving outcomes for both workers and the older Australians they care for.


If you wish to take part in the survey, click HERE

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  1. What a ridiculous survey.
    I was not offered the survey option to take part in the Focus Group, and was only able to answer ONE question, asking as to whether I had been offered Dementia Training in the last 12 months! Did not matter if the answer was Yes or No, both ended the survey!
    As a Manager in Residential Care, I would have liked to contribute to this survey from the perspective of my role as I garner feedback from a number of sources, including residents, family members, staff, visitors, contractors and other various stakeholders.
    If the Department of Health refuses to take survey answers from ALL staff, not just those with clinical backgrounds, they are missing a vital cohort of the staffing across aged care – but I get it, we’re used to being ignored – just like the Fair Work Commission Pay Rise…


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