Apr 15, 2024

Hidden camera captures disability carers’ vile acts of abuse

Lee-Anne Mackey was the victim of repeated abuse at the hands of her disability carers. [Source: 60 Minutes]

Disgusting footage has emerged of three disability carers who repeatedly bullied and assaulted a non-verbal client living with cerebral palsy, with NDIS Minister Bill Shorten promising to try and place life bans on the trio. 

The footage was captured in early 2019 by Lorraine and Rob Mackey after their adult daughter Lee-Anne complained about the shocking treatment she was receiving from her Scope Disability carers. 

Lee-Anne, now 53, lives with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, is non-verbal and suffers from osteoporosis. At the time she was in Supported Independent Living (SIL) after moving out of home. 

Speaking to 60 Minutes, Lee-Anne’s mother described her as a happy-go-lucky woman with a passion for the Brisbane Lions and a very sharp wit. That was until the assaults began five years ago.

“Her personality is happy, easy-going, fun-loving, caring… with a great sense of humour. Always worried about other people [a] beautiful person. Everybody that came in touch with her fell in love with her,” Lorraine explained.

“Not anymore,” her father Rob added. “Our happy, affable girl is no longer what she used to be.”

Lee-Anne communicated her distress via her eyes which she moved in different directions to point at symbols/words while talking with her parents. At first the Mackeys’ complained to Scope but that complaint was quickly dismissed by the disability services provider. 

Sadly, the behaviour of the carers named by 60 Minutes – Lisa Wilson, 25, Monika Paniczko, 49, and Anastasia Moutsos, 21 – is believed to have worsened after the initial complaint. 

A frustrated Rob Mackey then installed a hidden camera in his daughter’s room despite not knowing if he was doing something illegal. The camera remained hidden for 18 months but it quickly highlighted the shocking acts of her three carers – including one who had looked after Lee-Anne for 17 years. 

The vile footage shows numerous instances of bullying, including one where a male voice can be heard saying “Shut the f- up, shut up. Stop yelling” while Lee-Anne is attempting to catch their attention by vocalising sounds in her bed. 

Two female carers are then shown on camera aggressively pushing and shoving Lee-Anne around the bed while they change her clothes with no regard for her personal comfort or dignity.

Lisa Wilson also pushed her finger and a cylinder into Lee-Anne’s mouth and was seen and heard laughing and yelling “Aw, she hasn’t got a gag reflex.” In one scene it appears Wilson spits into the cylinder while it is in Lee-Anne’s mouth.

Another showed Monika Paniczko, Lee-Anne’s carer of 17 years, saying “Maybe I have corona… if I have it, I want you to have it too.” while listening to a broadcast about health workers dying of COVID-19. She then leans over Lee-Anne’s face and seemingly breathes and spits into her mouth before saying “There you go, we both have it.”

Her father labelled the abuse as horrific while the NDIS Minister Bill Shorten called it evil after 60 Minutes sent him the footage. Minister Shorten added that the carers’ actions were dehumanising and he has reached out to the Mackey family.

“It’s a betrayal of Lee-Anne and it’s actually a betrayal of the good people who work in disability. It was shocking.”

In October 2020, the Mackeys sent the footage to Scope who promptly reported the abuse to Victoria Police. Lisa Wilson was reportedly sacked right away while Monika Paniczko and Anastasia Moutsos were moved to another site before they were dismissed when police laid charges.

The trio pleaded guilty to assault in 2022, with Wilson stating that her actions were intended as a joke despite Lee-Anne’s clear discomfort. When 60 Minutes asked Lee-Anne if she understood why her carers treated her that way, she simply responded “No.”

Ultimately, Wilson was banned from the NDIS for five years and ordered to complete 175 hours of unpaid community work, while Monika Paniczko and Anastasia Moutsos received three-year bans. No convictions were recorded. 

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  1. Disgusting pigs, and worse still is an organisation that would allow this type of filth to care for our disabled. Absolute shame on SCOPE, they need to shut this place down, as they are not fit to work with animals let alone human beings. HONESTLY DO SOMETHING BILL SHORTEN!!!

    1. I completely agree with you, 5yr ban and a 3yr ban and NO convictions recorded. Absolutely disgusting! They should have at least got a jail sentence!

      1. I suggest whoever can implement one gives a real consequence starting with an obvious bare minimum lifetime ban from working with vulnerable people. Secondly care facilities should require mandatory recordings. I was temporarily cognitively disabled and non verbal after a stroke and the sadism I was treated with by some nursing staff was repellent again no consequences for any of them in spite of filing a complaint. If the law won’t hold these vile humans to account fuck it somebody will and trust it won’t be pretty. Love it for them that their faces, names and depravity are public and I hope they struggle to sleep at night wondering if they’re about to be the targets of vigilante justice. Sub human scum.

  2. The 3 x vile women should be jailed for what they did! It’s absolutely disgusting! How are they allowed to go about their lives as if nothing happened? It’s wrong! So VERY wrong! More needs to be done to these 3 x absolute grubs of women! PUT THEM IN JAIL!

  3. they are the vilest of humans taking advantage of a disabled woman.
    complete scum of the earth
    As a father of a disabled daughter, I will never place her in the care of
    of disgusting low Lifes like this
    Scope was caught out Management should be charged for failure of Duty of Care

  4. After 20 years in the aged care industry and all that was revealed during the Royal Commission it is incomprehensible that conduct such as was displayed by these three individuals leaves them within criminal sanctions. If it was done to an animal they would have been dealt with more harshly. The courts view of what society considers acceptable borders on the insane. And the most frightening part is that this is probably being repeated every day, somewhere.

  5. Disgusting assaults on a helpless victim. Who else has been at the end of their behaviour and no one knows?
    These bans are insufficient and no conviction recorded allows a clear police clearance. They should be banned from any sort of care situation especially aged and disability care and children; and animal industries.

  6. How is it that these disgusting animals are not in jail they were in a position of trust to look after a vulnerable person and getting paid to do it
    If a person treated there dog like that the RSPCA would have have taken them to court and got a much more serious charges
    I can not understand how Scope is still allowed to receive Government taxpayer funds when I wouldn’t let them run a dog kennel
    Shame Shame come on Judges dish out penalties that are appropriate to the crime not a slap on the wrist

  7. These three wicked miscreants masquerading as carers should each be serving time behind bars for their depraved acts upon this defenseless soul.

    Yet again we see the justice system failing the victim and their family with the perpetrators getting off with what is effectively, a mere ‘slap on the wrist’.

    The vulnerable in our society deserve so much better than this!

  8. WOW, I can’t believe this is still happening at SCOPE!!! Thank God Lee-Annes parents installed cameras even if it was against SCOPE’s policy. To think that Lee-Anne was at the mercy of these monsters and one of the staff was her carer for 17 years! It blows my mind to think that SCOPE didn’t have the decency to notice the obvious deterioration in Lee-Anne. Do you think her family were talking nonsense with their concerns? WOW, and you continue to just move these ANIMALS to work at a different house during the investigation? The staff and organisation are accountable. DISGUSTING!!!!

  9. Should be the same register used for Aged Care and life bans for NDIS workers who commit offences against their care recipients, just like in Aged Care.
    In fact, it should be mandatory for Aged Care facilities to check the ban list for NDIS as well, seeing as the two systems are not linked and don’t talk to each other.

  10. This is disgusting and very disturbing to even watch and read I hope that Lisa Wilson rots in hell my heart goes out too the family who had too go through this and even watch the video disgusting

  11. All three women are maggots – Lisa Wilson, Monica Paniczko and Anastasia Moutsos. Lorraine and Rob Mackey, parents of Leanne Mackey, never asked for their child to be living with a disability let alone have their child abused. They put their trust in Monica for more than two decades to care for their beloved daughter but never in any parent’s wildest dreams would begin to imagine what was truly happening behind closed doors. I commend Rob for his strength and bravery when deciding to put a hidden camera to get the evidence on his and his wife’s suspicions when no one else would believe them. Knowing that this was illegal, he put his vulnerable daughter and family first, no matter what the circumstances may have been. This shows how likely the dangers are that could be present in multiple facilities, not only in the Mackeys situation but others such as child care and aged care. After watching this story on 60 Minutes 3 nights ago, I have been sleepless and agitated knowing the limited punishments that these maggots received. Did the judge not know the full story? Did they not watch the footage? Do they not know the damage that has been caused to not only Leanne but her parents? Something that has not left my mind is when Lorraine heartbreakingly admitted that some days she wishes she and Leanne could just keep driving.. ending both of their lives. It is evident the extent of the damage this situation has caused when a mother wishes that herself and her own daughter are no longer living on this earth, to leave their pain and suffering behind. The pain and suffering that could and SHOULD have been prevented. The pain and suffering that should have been treated and cared for. The pain and suffering caused by these horrible, disgusting souls. Monica the maggot, being with Leanne for 17 years as her so called carer – maliciously attempted to expose Leanne to a virus that kills and has killed millions of people. She disgustingly spat in her mouth with the intent of making her patient under her care ill and suffer more than what she already does. I cant even think or explain the actions of Lisa the Maggot Wilson. All those disgusting things she did and words that she said towards Leanne and with Monica being a bystander. With Monicas amount of experience and time with Leanne, as part of her Duty of Care, she should have known better than to stand by and not only approve this behaviour but go along with it. How, how, how did this go on for so long? These monsters should have gone to jail without question. It should be made known what type of “people” they are. They should have some sort of markings or notes on their legal documents and identifications such as passports and driver’s licenses to inform everyone and anyone what they have done, to flag them and always have their eyes on the them. The only thing I am pleased about is the fact these women have been named and shamed and I would love to cross paths with them one day.
    Please, Bill Shorten, I hope you are a man of your words and re-open this case. There are many people that are disappointed and upset with the outcome of this situation. I want Rob, Lorraine and Leanne to know that there are many, many people that are supporting them and we hope to find the justice your family and potentially other families, deserves. May God bless the Mackey family.

  12. It is apparent that Lisa Wilson, Monika Paniczko and Anastasia Moutsos have behaved in a disgusting and completely unacceptable way towards a person who was totally within their power and without any capacity to get assistance. Those three paid carers have been extremely leniently dealt with by the Victorian legal system.

    Lisa Wilson, Monika Paniczko and Anastasia Moutsos should be banned for life from working with vulnerable people in any capacity. That includes State funded disability services, NDIS, Aged Care, Child Care and Schools.

    The truly despicable conduct of Scope in not sacking all three of them, immediately Scope saw the video coverage of the Scope client being tortured, is also condemned.

    Scope needs to have strict conditions placed on its Registration for any care services and Scope should be limited in any new business that it accepts for at least 5 years and be required to pay for random inspections of all its facilities during that 5 year period.

    Of course the lack of meaningful action against the three torturers or their employer, Scope, by the NDIS Commission is exactly what we have come to expect.

    Maybe the Government can do all NDIS Participants a favor and cancel the NDIS Commission completely. The money saved can then be used to contract the Australian Federal Police to pursue civil and criminal penalties [where available] against the people and organisations that abuse, neglect and harm the vulnerable in their care.

  13. Let me say this – they are the lowest form of humanity and scum . And we will all take our turn in aging . These dirt bags better pray to the Gods that they don’t end up with dementia or at the hands of something as low as themselves . These nasty, utterly disgusting skanks will pay the piper indeed . What in this world would possess you to treat anyone in the vile, evil despicable actions …? You can run but , your friend Karma , will come for you …. GUARANTEED. God bless the Mackey family , my heart is with you ❤️‍🩹💝

  14. Inhuman vile pieces of garbage. Pure and utter evil dwells among all whom were involved, present and / or aware of what was going on. Senseless coward pieces of SHHHHH**;””;T!! As a disability support worker myself I cried my absolute eyes out and was utterly horrified at the footage… I can’t believe this poor angel had to endure such depravity for so long and no body spoke up! God will punish all those who have even KNOWN about this seen or heard and for those who partook in the evil will be brought to their knees ; I hope they are rotting . praying for the poor souls who are currently in this hell for justice to be served and for safety to come ! ! My heart breaks ;

  15. Beginning with CONTEMPTIBLE, the words that follow don’t come close to describe the 3 scum of the earth SCOPE disability care BITCHES!
    They are Hateful Detestable Abhorrent Abominable Heinous Repugnant Repulsive Revolting Disgusting Horrifying Nauseating Offensive Distasteful Beneath/Below Contempt Vile Low Mean Shameful Degrading Miserable Wretched Unworthy Dirty Filthy Rotten Low-down Beastly Lousy !!!!!!!!!!
    I wish there were more, but once again, even these words don’t come close to describe the 3 scum of the earth bitches who shamelessly abused BEAUTIFUL Lee-Anne Mackey.
    Bring them to justice & throw them in a prison where they can smell their own vaginas 24 hours a day for life.

  16. I do not understand why no jail sentence was imposed. there is adequate evidence of abuse. As a parent of an adult child with CP and who is reliant on others, this made me cry. I have never felt such rage. Moving these abusive women to another location rather than sacking them was insanity. They are basically behaving like psychopaths.. cold, laughing at her suffering, being pathologically without empathy, treating the woman like an object not a human. The care provider should be facing charges of enabling abuse, the perpetrators should have a mandatory one year sentence. The problem is that disabled people are being further abused by not having adequate sentences for their abusers. Doesn’t feel good enough. Doesn’t pass the pub test. I feel like the people of Victoria should demand a review of this case. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking their punishment is wholly inadequate.

  17. They should of received custodial sentences after torturing a vulnerable person like that. Traumatising her and destroying her quality of life.

  18. disgusting this is exactly like the Victorian mental health system and half of the scum nurses that work in it!!!!!!!!!!!!! throw the fallowing zoo animals – Monika Paniczko, Anastasia Moutsos and Lisa Wilson in a cell with a number of Men for decades that certainly fits there crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. For the attention of: Monika Paniczko, Anastasia Moutsos and Lisa Wilson

    NEVER have I been so disgusted by you three women, SO CALLED CARERS in my life!!!!
    SCUM low life and remember ‘What goes around….comes around’….

  20. I have just viewed the video of the abuse Leanne suffered. I have never seen anything as horrific as it. However, I am more shocked that a supposed civilised country handing out sentences that in no way match the suffering of that poor girl. They should have been tried for attempted murder.
    Putting a soiled tissue in her mouth and spitting in her mouth could have resulted in her death.
    I wonder who else was in the home was suffering the same abuse.
    What planet do these carers and Australian judges come from.
    I have never ever been a violent person but if that was my daughter I would have not been able to restrain myself. I would pay for posters with their pics and names on them to be posted everywhere. The woman in charge of scope was quite casual in her condemnation of these creatures. I cannot find an adjective to describe these creatures. They should have a law in these homes that a camera should be in every room.


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