Jul 19, 2021

Grandfather’s “harsh” texts to granddaughter become unlikely viral sensation

Grandpa text msg

TikTok user Megan Elizabeth has warmed the hearts of millions across the globe with a video depicting the random texts that she receives from her concerned 91-year-old grandfather, who has recently become obsessed with the news.

In his first text, Megan’s grandfather shares a not-so-subtle hint about his granddaughter’s current relationship status.

While Megan’s grandfather is clearly concerned with her single status, the next text proves that he is just as concerned about his granddaughter’s physical health.

With his concerns about Megan’s heart health finally at ease after her response, the granddad took the time to send through a third message questioning his granddaughter’s drinking habits.

Despite the lack of subtlety of Megan’s grandfather’s texts, thousands of commenters took the time to express their admiration of the pair’s relationship and highlight the special connection that grandparents share with their grandchildren.

“I’m legit crying. Please appreciate every moment you have with him, I would give anything to talk to my grandfather one more time,” one person wrote.

“People over the age of 85 should be able to say whatever they want. Love your responses to him. He adores you & just trying to be sure you’re safe once he is gone.”

While the first three texts from grandpa were met with positive, assuring responses from Megan, unfortunately, his fourth text may require Megan to stretch the truth in order to keep her grandfather’s concerns at bay.

With close to 3,000,000 views and 15,000 comments on the video, Megan might struggle to keep this a secret!

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