Nov 30, 2021

Grandmother who purchased wrong lottery ticket wins $2 million

Grandmother who purchased wrong lottery ticket wins $2 Million
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This life-changing series of events began when the grandmother walked into a local newsagency and began chatting with a store attendant.

Although the attendant knew that the grandmother routinely purchased tickets to play the Powerball, he convinced the grandmother to try something different for a change, which resulted in her purchasing an entry for Saturday Gold Lotto.

Having missed the draw on Saturday night and then forgotten about the ticket by Sunday, the grandmother was not prepared for the call that she received on Monday morning.

“My daughter told me there was a Facebook post about a mystery division one winner who purchased their entry at NightOwl Brunswick Street. I thought, ‘I better check this,'” said the grandmother.

“We phoned our daughter and told her to read the numbers out, and that’s when we knew our life had changed forever. We had to close our blinds so we could let out some screams.”

The lucky winner added, “My husband said to me, ‘I might be having heart failure!’”

The Queensland grandmother was one of five division one winners from last week’s Saturday Gold Lotto draw, who each took home $2 million. 

Like many Australians, she revealed that the last year had been a particularly stressful time for her family and that her $2 million windfall will help to alleviate a lot of stress.

“We hope to help our children and grandchildren. We’re also going to retire earlier than expected. This is fantastic.”

The owners of the newsagency that helped to convince the grandmother to purchase her winning lottery ticket say that the $2 million win is the biggest prize that their outlet has ever had.

They also plan to now decorate their store to celebrate the exciting news.

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  1. Not only did the photo not depict the winner, it was from a different country! Australia does not use US Dollars!

    1. Hi Adrienne, the winner did not want to be named or photographed, and there are only a limited number of photographs that are licensed for use that suit the article. Unfortunately, they only had pics with American currency.

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