Mar 29, 2022

Grandmother’s home-delivered groceries run over and left in the rain

Grandmother's home-delivered groceries were run over and left in the rain

In a post currently circulating on Facebook, the daughter of the 84-year-old woman posted several images of the badly damaged groceries and detailed her alleged experience with the home delivery.

“This is what we found yesterday after your driver hung up on me when he couldn’t find (my mother’s) very clearly marked unit,” the daughter wrote on Facebook.

The badly damaged groceries appear to be crushed. Credit: Facebook

“They were dumped in the rain around 300 metres away and looked like they had been smashed or run over.

“We had to clean up the mess and throw all bags away.”

Grandmother's home-delivered groceries were run over and left in the rain
Liquids from the groceries are smeared across the shopping bags. Credit: Facebook

The woman’s Facebook post also revealed that Woolworths had since replaced the elderly woman’s groceries with new stock.

In a statement given to 7News, a spokesperson for Woolworths apologised for the incident and promised to get to the bottom of what happened to the 84-year-old’s groceries.

“We pride ourselves on the service level of our home delivery option and we’re disappointed to have missed the mark on this occasion,” the spokesperson told

“We’ve been in contact with the customer to apologise and will be looking into this as a matter of urgency.”

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