Apr 10, 2018

Guilty plea: woman assaults aged care resident with dementia

A Sydney aged-care worker who was caught on camera assaulting a vulnerable resident with dementia – pleaded guilty to one count of common assault against female resident of the North Epping home in court today.

It was a concerned male co-worker that initiated installing a Go-Pro camera in the victim’s room, after he reportedly was concerned about the safety of residents.

An agreed statement of facts tendered in court has been has reported to be footage of the attack whereby Ms Gray is seen undressing the 85-year old woman aggressively, slapping her repeatedly and swinging at her face twice with a rubbish bag.

Later Ms Gray can be heard yelling “move” before grabbing the victims glasses and throwing them onto the bed.

As Ms Gray proceeds to put a nightgown on the resident, she begins pulling at her neck followed by grabbing at her hair – pushing her head from left to right.

Raw footage: Dana Maree Gray has faced a Sydney court after pleading guilty to assaulting aged care resident (AAP VIDEO/Jodie Stephens)

The resident who has cognitive and physical impairment, requiring almost full assistance with her care needs is heard making distressing screams and sobbing at the hands of an aged care worker that is supposed to be protecting her.

Ms Gray left the room with the victims bed in a high position preventing her from being able to sit down “for a number of hours”.

Ms Gray had been employed for 3 years in a dementia unit a The Poplars aged care facilities.

Today in Burwood Local Court, Ms Gray who pleaded guilty had her case adjourned until May, 2018.

Ms Gray’s lawyer indicated she would ask for her charge to be dismissed under section 32 of the Mental Health Act.

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