Jan 11, 2024

Heartwarming video shows husband capturing the sea for his wife

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The video has since been reshared by other users many times, capturing the hearts of the internet. [Source: TikTok]

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” — Pearl S. Buck

Love is meant to know no bounds and this older man is a testament to that notion. 

Originally captured by a TikTok user, this video shows an older man down by the seaside on a Croatian beach, cupping his hands together and carrying something back to the esplanade which doesn’t become clear until the end of the footage. 

@beckysmomm This is the sweetest. #lovewins #oldsoulinayoungbody #itexists #fyp #fypage #kindnessfirst #love #pure ♬ original sound – Holly B


Reaching the esplanade, we see the man’s wife sitting on a bench when he pours the contents of his hands onto hers –  some sea water for her to feel and rub into her hands.

This man wanted his wife to feel the ocean water once more, even if she couldn’t go down to the seafront herself. That’s real love! 

The video has since been reshared by other users many times, capturing the hearts of the internet.

One user commented: “Old couple love is something I hope everybody gets to experience,” while another added beautiful prose, writing, “With hands so old, yet firm and true, he captured the sea, in hues of blue.”

What other small acts of love and kindness have you seen recently? Share some with us in the comments 

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