Feb 21, 2021

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Australia’s regional aged care homes are closing at a drastic rate: Where will our ageing population live?

Regional aged care facilities across the country have been closing at a worrying rate, leaving the elderly scrambling to find alternative living arrangements. With the government’s response to the royal commission looming, will they take on board the recommendations that have been made to help save this crisis? Read More

Exclusive: $112 million boost to home support services for senior Australians

The Morrison Government is helping strengthen the delivery of entry-level aged care services with a $112.1 million investment via the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). Read More

6 key takeaways of the 2021 federal budget: How it affects aged care

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has confirmed the government is committing “$17.7 billion in practical and targeted new funding to significantly improve the system”, along with record funding for schools, hospitals, Medicare, mental health and disability support. “We are committed to restoring trust in the system and allowing Australians to age with dignity and respect.” Read More
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