Feb 21, 2021

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Users can read articles on Apple News’ platform directly, and your feed can be individualised based on publishers, websites and topics you select.

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Great-grandmother waited in the cold for two hours outside emergency department

A 92-year-old who was driven to the hospital by her family because of a lack of ambulances was then forced to spend her mother’s day waiting for two hours in the cold outside of the emergency department. Read More

Most Australians prepared to pay 3% more tax to receive high quality aged care

More than half of Australian taxpayers would be willing to pay an extra 3% in tax every year if it meant universal access to “high quality” aged care services. Read More

Man charged for conning 66-year-old retired nurse out of $15,000

In an elaborate phone scam, where he posed as a police officer under instructions from the ATO, a man has been refused bail and faced court after conning a retired nurse out of $15,000 of her savings. Read More
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