Feb 21, 2021

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4 key takeaways from the aged care royal commission’s final report

Over two years, through more than 10,500 submissions and 600 witnesses, the two commissioners heard extensive evidence of a system in crisis. Australians might have expected the commissioners to provide one streamlined blueprint for reform. But the commissioners diverged on a number of large and some smaller recommendations. This makes the already complex path to reform even more confusing. It reduces the power of the final report. More disappointingly, it gives the government room to pick and choose recommendations as the cabinet likes. Nonetheless, if the major recommendations are adopted, Australia will get a transformed aged care system over the next five years. Here are our top four takeaways from this landmark report. Read More

COVID vaccine consent for aged-care residents: it’s ethically tricky, but there are ways to get it right

The first groups to receive the jab will be quarantine and border workers, frontline health-care workers, aged-care and disability-care workers, and aged-care and disability-care residents. For aged-care residents, their age, health and living situation makes them especially susceptible to becoming very sick or dying from COVID-19. So it’s right they are receiving priority access to a vaccine. Read More

We all hope for a ‘good death’. But many aged-care residents are denied proper end-of-life care

Death is inevitable, and in a civilised society everyone deserves a good one. It would therefore be logical to expect aged-care homes would provide superior end-of-life care. But sadly, palliative care options are often better for those living outside residential aged care than those in it. Read More
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