Nov 02, 2017

Homestyle Aged Care cooks up a storm with Australia’s queen of gourmet, Maggie Beer

Delicious food and greater dining experiences will be the order of the day at Homestyle Aged Care after recent participation in Maggie Beer Foundation’s “Creating an Appetite for Life” education program held in South Australia’s stunning Barossa Valley.

Known for her love of good food and use of high quality Australian produce, Maggie Beer established the Foundation with one purpose in mind – to improve the food experience for everyone in aged care.

Attended by thirty aged care chefs across Australia, it was an excellent opportunity to share ideas and learn from experts in the industry on how to raise food standards in aged care through enhancing flavour, presentation and improving the nutritional value of food through the use of fresh ingredients and different cooking methods.

Point Cook Manor Chef Manager, Chat Wimaslasuriya said the program was a little like Masterchef for the aged care industry.

“We learnt new ideas, sampled delicious menus and tested our cooking skills in a range of challenges. I left feeling inspired and excited to get back into the kitchen to put into practice what I had learnt,” said Chat.

Run in conjunction with ‘Creating an Appetite for Life’, Homestyle Aged Care CEO, Tim Humphries attended the ‘Food for Thought’ program with 30 other CEOs and managers across Australia where they looked at some of the issues that may impede good food experiences in aged care.

Tim said it was a most informative and engaging day with a brilliant array of impressive speakers.

“It was a real privilege to take part.

Homestyle Aged Care is committed to implementing a number of initiatives, starting with texture modified meals and improved dining experiences across all homes,” said Tim.

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