Oct 01, 2018

The Importance of using Aged Care Specific Systems

While every industry faces their own specific sets of challenges, there are very few that demand the level of refinement that is required within the aged care sector.

Residents living in aged care facilities possess their own individual circumstances ranging from medical needs, through to the accessibility issues derived from physical limitation.  

The amount of nuances involved in administering an effective level of care are mind boggling and place an enormous strain on the staff and their administrative procedures.

This is why industry-specific equipment and systems are vital within the industry of aged care.

Utilising a specialist in any chosen field delivers a number of benefits that are virtually unattainable from an outside source.

Having the ability to preempt and avoid potential problems is a valuable asset that can save time and money, but having this advantage in the aged care industry may also save lives.

While the old saying goes ‘you can’t put a price on your health,’ unfortunately budgets are continually stretched, which makes having the correct systems and equipment in place an invaluable commodity.

A large number of aged care service providers are continually faced with high priority situations and decisions, which leaves little time to deal with

the administrative and financial processes that make every facility and business work.

Choosing the right software system for your aged care facility or business is a significant decision. And for a number of aged care service providers around Australia, AIM Software has proven to be the perfect solution to their finance management woes.

AIM Software commenced business over 25 years ago and have spent the last quarter of a century refining and honing their financial management software to suit the needs of the ever changing legislative within aged care.

This flexibility and commitment to modern tech has ensured that the 300+

sites currently utilising AIM Software within their facilities are always in the best hands and using the most effective product possible.

AIM Software was created specifically for the aged care industry and boasts a catalog of features that play a pivotal role in the sound management of a facilities financial administration.

These features include General ledger, Asset register, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, payroll & rosters, and a home/community care module that integrates with other AIM modules.

While all facilities require financial management, some enjoy the freedom and peace of mind provided through outsourcing the process completely.

Aim Software is proud to offer a bespoke Outsourced Financial Management Service that is cost effective and extremely efficient. This service is called the “Bureau.”

The Bureau can be tailored to short, medium or long term arrangements and gives facilities direct access to their data, along with comprehensive reports. This allows facilities to maximise revenue by minimising their overheads.

AIM developed their software upon the principle: ‘That when one piece of information enters the system, it should populate all the other relevant area’s.Thereby eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.’

Aim Software systems provide real-time financial reporting, allowing clients the opportunity to view current data as it is being collected, but when it comes to technical support, AIM are proud to provide the human touch.

Clients have access to the fully trained members of an after sales support and management team, alongside initial startup training and refresher courses.

So whether you’re an existing facility looking to upgrade, or a start-up looking to progress rapidly, when it comes to quality financial management software; You should set your sights, on AIM.

For more information visit  www.aimsoftware.com.au/


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