Lifeview residents revel in bicycle restoration program for charity

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The program allows interested Lifeview residents to repair and restore pre-loved bicycles for eventual donation to children through local charities. [Source: Supplied]

Tinkering with your bicycle as a child is a great Australian tradition, according to Robbie Trevitt, one of Lifeview’s Maintenance team members.

“As Australian kids, it was just something you enjoy doing. Trying to tweak your own bike and making sure you have all the best of gear on it,” he said.

His view was shared by an enthusiastic group of Victorian Argyle Court residents last week, as Lifeview launched an exciting new resident activity program titled Re-Cycle.

The residents who attended the first Re-Cycle session agreed.

“Yes, it’s great!” declared Kevin, who used to work for Toyota and last week eagerly worked on the bike with a ratchet.

Asked if he’d previously repaired bicycles Kevin replied, “I did, but a long time ago”.

Fellow resident David thoroughly enjoyed getting out in the shed and he is looking forward to the next Re-Cycle session.  

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done bicycles and that type of thing,” he said as he meticulously polished the wheels he’d removed.

“But it all comes back to you.”

The group enjoyed spending time back on the tools and problem-solving as they worked together to take the bicycle apart for repair.

In two weeks, they will meet again to put the bike back together with new parts to ensure it is ready for donation.

Lifeview Social Support team member Gayle White is driving the program, and she declared the first session “a great success”.

Re-Cycle follows Lifeview’s donation of bicycles to HeartKids’ Bikes for Tykes program at last year’s company Grow, Lead, Connect Conference.

Lifeview staff participated in a team-building exercise, which saw attendees split into teams and build a range of bikes.

The bikes were then donated to children, whose surprise attendance provided a magical moment for all in the room.

“To see the kids’ faces when we handed out those bikes last year – it just puts a big smile on your own face,” Robbie said.

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