Jul 15, 2021

Man charged with murdering 81-year-old woman – 7 hours after being released on parole

Crime night

The Crown alleges that suspected killer, Anthony James O’Keefe, 37, had injected amphetamines at the home of Brittany Speechly-Faulks before accusing her of trying to kill him and then stabbing her multiple times. 

It is alleged that Mr O’Keefe then violently attacked another man in a nearby street with a knife and threatened two other men, before forcing his way into the home of 89-year-old Elizabeth Kippin and stabbing her to death.

The body of Ms Kippin was found the following morning by a neighbour who interrupted a police conference with news of the devastating discovery, as police spoke to locals about the previous night’s attacks.

The court heard that Mr O’Keefe was naked and covered in blood when he was arrested, telling police, “I’m on a killing spree, I’m going to be famous,” before being tasered and handcuffed.

Defence barrister Micheal Hibble questioned Ms Speechly-Faulks’ recollection of events after the pair allegedly injected drugs, telling the court that Ms Speechly-Faulks’ DNA was found under the fingernails of Ms Kippin – despite her claims that she never left the house. 

Shortly after the discovery of Ms Kippin’s body in 2016, a police officer offered her thoughts on the tragic circumstances around Ms Kippin’s untimely death. 

“This lady that so sadly has died was an upstanding member of the community. She was very well-liked in that area,” she said.

“Very sadly, a very innocent, beautiful lady has lost [her] life because people are on drugs.”

Mr O’Keefe pleaded not guilty to the murder of Ms Kippin. Police believe that more than 50 witnesses are set to give evidence throughout the two-week trial.

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