Nov 12, 2021

Melbourne couple marry at aged care home so 92-year-old mum can attend

Couple marry in aged care home
Photo: Nine.

Choosing to conduct the ceremony at an aged care home, the couple wanted to make sure the bride’s 92-year-old mum could enjoy their joyous day. 

Ms Taylor and Mr Williams have been together for 15 years and, not expecting their big day to fall in a pandemic – as well as concerns about Ms Taylor’s mum being able to travel to a venue elsewhere – there were many moments of brainstorming. 

Photo: Nine.

Mr Williams then had a lightbulb moment to conduct their nuptials at Arcare’s Brighton aged care home with Ms Taylor’s mother, Daphne, safely present. 

Speaking to Nine, Mr Williams described the lead-up and his hope for their wedding. 

Featured Text“It’s been a rough year,” he shared.

“So, finish it on a high.”

She added, “Mum hasn’t seen much of us, so there’s always the sadness that they feel that they’re not loved.”

Arcare aged care staff member, Hersh Singh, spoke to Nine, saying he felt very excited and happy for Daphne that she could be involved in the wedding. 

Photo: Nine.

Arcare staff transformed the craft room into a springtime wonderland, bringing “spring time inside”, with lots of flowers, rose petals on the floor, a flowering arch and even ensuring front-of- house seats to a special canine guest – the couple’s dog, Zulu. 

With champagne flowing and smiles all round, particularly from Ms Taylor’s mum, Daphne, Mr Williams described the special day as “above and beyond” the couple’s hopes and expectations. 

Photo: Nine.

Beautifully moved, 92-year-old Daphne told Nine she was thankful to everyone for coming and was “very pleased to see Brigette”.

After the last 18 months, and with only needing a little bit of thinking outside the box, the newlyweds have shown it is possible to be with and include loved ones on such a special occasion.

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