May 18, 2021

Melbourne man arrested for murder of 78-year-old mother

Crime scene

After worried neighbours hadn’t seen Judy for a few days, they called for a welfare check at 10:30am on Saturday morning, where Judy, who fled Hungary after World War II, was found dead by police. 

Judy’s son Thomas Bednar, 53, was arrested for the murder on Monday, while police analyse “significant amounts” of DNA evidence. 

It has been alleged that Judy was murdered some time between May 12 and May 15. 

Following his arrest, Thomas Bednar did not appear during a filing hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday evening, and has been remanded until his next court appearance in October. 

This is the first time Mr Bednar has been in custody, and he did not apply for bail. 

Prosecutors have been given extra time to look into CCTV footage, as well as analyse the “significant amounts of DNA evidence” and devices found at the scene. 

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  1. While it does not alter the tragic circumstances of this poor lady’s death…perhaps you should have written that she had “fled Hungary after World War 11 with her parents (or family)”…Her age and the circumstances did not make sense to me, as she would have been only three years of age at the time.

    1. I agree, infact i think your math is a bit out . she was born in 1945.. if you write into ‘google’
      “what year was it 78 years ago”. it will reply 1945. and depending on her birthday. the war in Europe was over by May the 8th ,which is V.E day.–

  2. Something wrong with this… ‘IF’ she was 78 years old.. she was born in 1945….so how was she a …
    “Holocaust survivor who fled Hungary after World War II”…most of the concertation camps were liberated before April 1945… Auschwitz in Jan 1945, the camps in Hungary in autumn of 1944.

    Something not right there…


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