Sep 13, 2021

Missing grandmother found alive after two days lost in rainy bushland

Missing grandmother found alive after two days lost in rainy bushland
Margaret Lowden was found alive after two days missing in bushland. Credit: 7NEWS

The disappearance of elderly woman Margaret Lowden prompted a desperate search by emergency workers and members of Ms Lowden’s local community last week involving helicopters, mounted police and drones. 

Thankfully, after two intense days of searching, Ms Lowden was eventually located in bushland less than one kilometre from her home.

Worry-stricken family members and police held grave fears for Ms Lowden’s welfare after spending two nights alone in cold, wet conditions.

“She was just shivering,” SES volunteer David Fyfe told reporters.

“I don’t think at that stage she was capable of expressing herself.

Ms Lowden was wrapped in a space blanket and carried to safety by emergency workers who comforted the grandmother.

She was then transported to a local hospital where she is said to be recovering remarkably well. 

“She’s very tough and feisty,” said a family member. “We’re looking forward to seeing her.”

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